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Topic: Chamber Strings joy!

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    Chamber Strings joy!

    I'm not advertising this library! But I'd just like to say how amazing it is! (Vienna Chamber Strings)

    Does anyone have any experience with 'Apassionata Strings'. After using 'Chamber' for about 1 month I am so impressed I'm considering buying it too.

    However, it is very pricey and I'd like some advice/comparrison/causionary tales before I buy.


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    Re: Chamber Strings joy!

    Ap Strings is very good. However, it has limited articulations, compared with the other Strings Collections, so there may be times when you can't get the articulation you require. However, it's worth the money just for the legato Cellos.


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    Re: Chamber Strings joy!

    Do you also have the VSL solo strings? That might be the best library to go for next, as they blend perfectly with the Chamber Strings. Listen to that VSL chamber/solo string arrangement of the Bach organ piece on their demo site.

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    Re: Chamber Strings joy!

    Thanks for the advice.
    I'll check out the demos.


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