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Topic: Wanted for Purchase - virtual Pallotta viola!

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    Wanted for Purchase - virtual Pallotta viola!

    I have been doing some recent string quartet work utilizing the Strad and Gofriller, and the frustration of not having an equivalent viola is driving me nuts. I know that strategies are being re-thunk and all, but I figured I would ask in the event that there is any new info - for those of us that own the Strad and/or Gofriller, is there any possibility that we will see a completed quartet in the foreseeable future? Or if not of the same technology, a technology that can work alongside these 2 in a seamless manner?

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    Re: Wanted for Purchase - virtual Pallotta viola!


    I don't have the violin or the cello yet but would buy a viola immediately if it is good.
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Wanted for Purchase - virtual Pallotta viola!

    Sorry to say but I doubt we'll ever see the Palotta or Amati any time soon.

    We might see GPOA, and maybe the next version of GOS...but I have doubts as to whether the solo strings will be as good as the Solo Strad and Gofriller.

    Seriously, I see no point in doing another GOS *unless* it uses some sort of phenomenal technology like the Solo Strad does. If we can simply get 10 solo strings, say 3 violins, 3 cellos, 2 violas and 2 basses, then we won't need GOS. And for say $1500 we could have these 10 solo strings that would cover everything from pop and rock to avante guarde and classical, everything in between.

    Honestly, if I had those 10 solo strings I wouldn't need any more strings. I could even do string sections that way.

    But the best is yet to be made available. What is coming will probably blow the Solo Strad away.

    If Arne Wallander does something with bowed instruments, which he appears to be intent on doing after finishing the other instruments like the saxophones, as he's already done the woodwinds, then these strings will use a lot less memory and probably less CPU. Not sure how realistic the strings will be, but if his brass and woodwinds are anything to go by then I'd say they'll be realistic enough to pull off a decent masterpiece.

    Personally, I think Garritan should stick to solo strings and Wallander should stick to solo brass and woodwinds. Wallander could cover rarer brass instruments like saxhorns, cornets and cimbasso, and stuff like bagpipes, old reeds, etc. Garritan could work on pulling off a complete 68 piece string section (24 violins, 18 violas, 14 cellos, and 12 basses) and solo strings.

    Then we'd have the best of both worlds. But Wallander has such amazing CPU efficiency. Soon enough we'll be able to run a complete orchestral piece with WIVI on a freaking laptop!


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