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Topic: Upgrading older DAW projects to KP2 GPO

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    Upgrading older DAW projects to KP2 GPO

    Hi folks. I've been reading this forum off and on since purchasing GPO a couple of years ago but this is my first post here. Thanks everyone for the helpful info over the years.

    Apologies if this has been covered before -- I searched pretty thoroughly on Google and on these forums and came up empty-handed.

    I finally got an Intel Mac and so I had to upgrade to the KP2 version of GPO. It seems to have worked even though I didn't have the original version installed on my new Mac (I didn't find the update page on the Garritan site until after I installed the updater).

    However, when I load an existing Logic project it says "plug-in "Garritan P" not available." It seems that the new scheme is to have a single Kontakt plug-in which hosts the wrapped instruments, so there's no separate GPO plug-in any more. I figured I'd ask here before going through the process of manually changing all the channels' VI assignments. That part's not too bad, it's the recreation of each section that's going to be sort of painful (eg. each instance of GPO had 4 - 8 instruments, for Flute Player 1, Flute Player 2, etc.).

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Upgrading older DAW projects to KP2 GPO

    Well, that wasn't too bad. It took about 40 minutes to change a full orchestra project to KP2 (using default panning, volume, etc., but changing max voices to 1 for legato modes). So nice to be able to play through to the end of the piece on my new Mac without getting a system overload or having to freeze tracks!

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