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Topic: Westgate flute harmonics question

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    Westgate flute harmonics question

    Hi all,

    I'm fiddling around with the Westgate flutes on Giga 3 which are great but I noticed something in the Legato Vibrato patch. In the second flute octave at certain dynamic levels, the notes around A-flat and the next few notes above that you can very clearly hear the fundamental an octave underneath the overblown note. It is especially clear with the A-flat - it has the effect of making it sound like two flutes are playing an octave apart.

    I can of course EQ it out but my question is, is it supposed to be there? Would you hear that with any real flute playing that note?

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    Re: Westgate flute harmonics question

    It happens - flutes don't have convenient octave keys like reed winds do, so the diff. between one octave and the next is a slight variation in embouchre... sometimes you get a bit of the fundamental in there too.

    I'd actually advise against EQing it out, I mean, judging by the quality of their other instruments I doubt it could sound all that unnatural. EQing could change the tone in potentially unpleasant ways
    Wilbert Roget, II

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