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Topic: Any new Reason Refills coming?

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    Any new Reason Refills coming?

    I have and really like the Reason Refill version of GPO. Are there any other Refills coming?

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    Re: Any new Reason Refills coming?

    friendly bump

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    Re: Any new Reason Refills coming?


    Glad you like the GPO Refill. We are considering other refills, like Jazz and Big Band, but we want to first see how it goes with the GPO refill and how much of a demand there is for new refills.

    Thanks for asking.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Any new Reason Refills coming?

    Well, you'd have at least one customer for each of those. I'd love to see it happen.

    As you may have noticed, Reason has just added tempo and meter mapping, so version 4 is much better suited towards arrangements than earlier versions. The sequencer is also much improved.

    My favorite thing is that if you use Reason and pop a couple of gigs of RAM into a regular laptop, it can handle a pretty complex arrangement quite easily. I simply haven't been able to get that sort of efficiency out of other DAW software and plugins. Yeah I can do a partial arrangement, but with Reason I can just go crazy with barly a blip of the CPU meter.

    Laurence Kingston

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