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Topic: Crashed Hard Drive

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    Crashed Hard Drive

    A few months back, I bought GPO and have been extremely pleased with it. I installed it on my desktop computer and utilized one authorization (I understand I have two). However, as misfortune would have it, my existing drive died and I have no way of recovering the authorization from the drive. How can I get this authorization restored? I am planning to install GPO on my laptop as well as my desktop, so I need both authorizations.

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    Re: Crashed Hard Drive

    Native Instruments has (rather quietly) implemented a new authorization system which will not require you to deactivate previous registrations. Their NI Service Center will detect your active registrations and allow you to use two at once. So you will be okay.

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    Re: Crashed Hard Drive


    There is this thingy where the "Service Center" application either produces an id number for your computer or fetches some existing id number (not sure which). That number may change when you install a new harddrive, but most of it's digits will still be the same as before. NI will be able to tell that it is the same computer even if the application didn't, so if you need, you can just call them or email them and they'll get you going.

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