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Topic: Apple SoundtrackPro

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    Apple SoundtrackPro

    now that apple is bundling soundtrack pro alongwith logic, is anyone using soundtrack pro2 (multitrack) as a SMPTE-enabled alternative to ProToolsLE for post?

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    Re: Apple SoundtrackPro

    maybe I'm missing something, but what does "SMPTE-enabled" mean? Aren't all Daws able to run in SMPTE?

    As for STP2, I've heard many people are having problems exporting, making the program useless for some applications. http://discussions.apple.com/ann.jspa?annID=479

    My brother, who has run both Protools and STP says STP wins hands down in ease of use, but as of now cannot be relied upon to give professional results. Perhaps the next update will fix that.

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    Re: Apple SoundtrackPro

    thanks for the feedback and link on STP.

    And sorry I wan't more clear about what I meant 'SMPTE-enabled' - PT-LE doesn't include a SMPTE timeline, that's only available with TDM systems or with the addition of the $1200 digi DV toolkit2 option.

    I'm wondering about using STP as an alternative to PTLE without a SMPTE timeline when doing post work or similar requiring SMPTE time.

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