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Topic: Kontakt Audio Outputs

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    Kontakt Audio Outputs


    I'm using GPO Kontakt 2 as a VST plugin in Cubase 4, and I want to be able to have a separate stereo output for each instrument so that I can apply different effects to each within Cubase.

    In the Kontakt output settings I can create new channels but when I click 'Conf.' I'm not quite sure what audio outputs to select. I have the following:

    Kt. st. 1 [1-2]
    Kt. st. 2 [1-2]
    Kt. surr 5.1 [1-6]
    aux 1-4 [1-2]
    and 14 unassigned Mono tracks

    Now, I can assign an instrument to Kt. st. 1 and another to st. 2, but then I'm not sure what to do with the other instruments. Should there be more Kt. st outputs or do I just do things like assign 2 Mono tracks to each instrument, or route 4 of them via the aux outputs? I'd ideally like a single stereo track for each instrument within Cubase, so the 2x Mono method isn't ideal.


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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    Hi Eljay,

    Getting KP2 set up so it's actually useful inside a host program is the #1 overly obscure thing about it.

    The limitations of the default audio outs from Kontact are whacky--Of Course we need the maximum number of stereo outs as possible, so we can do exactly what you're asking for in your post. I have no idea why they limited the default setting so much.

    From looking around the Forum for info, and also looking at the PDF manual of the newest Garritan library, Concert and Marching Band - I figured out how to re-configure KP2's outs. I have to admit it was a trial and error process, and I'm not sure I could really explain it clearly. The main thing is to keep adding more channels and then re-configuring them.

    EDIT 11/25/07 - I'm removing the Kontact Definition file I posted, because nobody here has been able to make it work. I don't understand why that is - the file worked for a musician I'm helping with on a project - But I'm removing the link to avoid confusion.

    To save you all that bother, I'm including a link to where I have the Kontact Definition file which does the work for you. I've already had another user use this file and it worked exactly the way it should, so it will for you too.

    Get the newly configured definition file here:

    (FILE DELETED - Wasn't working for people
    Replace the .def file already on your computer with this new one.

    Program Files>Native Instruments>Kontact Player 2>Default> And there you will find the kontact_def.nkm file. Get rid of that one, insert the one above.

    Whenever you re-configure your KP2, a new .def file is automatically created.

    Notice this is for the full KP2, not the two smaller .dll files which were also loaded with the program.

    This gives you the maximum stereo channels available. Twelve stereo channels plus four stereo busses. The busses cannot be changed or deleted. So what I do is use a maximum of 12 instruments in a KP2 instance, so that each instrument will have its separate stereo out, as you ask for. When I need more instruments - in come more KP2 instances.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs


    Thanks for your help! I couldn't get your file to work for some reason, but based on what you said about adding more channels and reconfiguring them I tried some things out and worked out how to do it myself. I seem to have got it working with 16 stereo channels per KP instance.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    Hi, Eljay

    I'm glad I at least pointed you in the right direction. - I don't know why that file didn't work--humm, and oh well!

    I see you edited your post--at first you said you got 16 stereo outs plus the 4 busses--That wasn't right, right?--You have 16 total, counting the 4 busses.

    You're set - Much better way to work now with each instrument on its own track in Cubase. Have fun.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs


    this post seems like what I have been looking for. I am trying to get KP2 to work in logic 8 as a multi instrument. How exactly would I go about changing the channels and adding new ones that have the correct setting.

    I get confused when I create a new channel in the KP2 instance and then go to configure it, I have the option of setting many different output, some of which are labeld (unassigned) 1-16. I am leaning towards these but am not having much luck.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    Palms, you're on the right track with inserting new channels, and then assigning them to outputs. There are 16 possible stereo outputs - you should be able to step through assigning those unassigned channels to your new faders.

    You could also try the Kontact Definition File I posted on this thread. I don't know why it didn't work for Eljay - it worked for another musician I recently helped out in the same way. Follow the instructions I wrote on that same post with the download link.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    OK, so do you mean by assigning the outputs to faders, are you reffering to the AUX channels that are created off the Multi-Instrument in Logic? I will try the file you posted as well. Thanks for the help too!

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for the file, but it didn't work for me either.

    "A painter who has no doubts about his own ability will attain very little" - Leonardo da Vinci.

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    Something's wrong - that Kontact Definition file worked for a musician I'm working with online. He was having trouble setting up more faders in KP2, so I just sent him my .def file, he replaced the one already in his Native Instrument KP2 folder - and >presto changeo< his KP2 then would load with the full 16 channels spread out and available.

    Hence my perplexity why it isn't working for you guys. You do understand that it's for the full KP2 - not either of the smaller .dll files. There are 3 different versions of KP2 - actually 4, counting the stand-alone. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as I gave them on that reply with the file.

    Palms, you asked, "...OK, so do you mean by assigning the outputs to faders, are you reffering to the AUX channels that are created off the Multi-Instrument in Logic?..."

    No, I didn't mean that at all. I am talking only about the set up inside KP2. It can get confusing using terms "outputs" and "faders" because they sometimes are used interchangeably- but I'm talking only about setting KP2 up.

    The manual for the new Marching Band library has a section which is at least a good introduction for working with KP2. But you may not have that.

    We're talking about inserting new fader channels in KP2 and then with the "config" button, scrolling through and assigning each fader to an audio output from KP2. As you can see from this thread, it's possible to have a total of 16 stereo outs - counting the 4 Aux outputs. After you've done all that, you will have all of those channels available as separate audio outputs into your host program.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Kontakt Audio Outputs

    Ah, OK, now it is making more sense for some reason. I guess my remaining question would be, is there a way to get the newly assigned faders to be assigned to aux channels in Logic 8, or is this a specific Logic problem?

    I heard that Logic 8 Re-wrote their multi-channel instruments and most of the third-party software was not yet compatible with this? Do you know this to be true or if it does work with logic 8 as a multi instrument?

    Thanks agin for the previous advice.

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