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Topic: OT: How to quit smoking

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    OT: How to quit smoking

    Makes a good point




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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Very good point indeed!

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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Well, slow download prevents me from watching the video. But I can say this about smoking. On 1 January 1974, I stopped smoking, and don't miss it at all. Probably the best way to quit smoking is to admit that it is a crutch, a displacement activity, or something of that sort. It requires a lifestyle change, and some determination, but it certainly is possible. I was 42, just retired the first time, just separated from my wife, and was free to live freely, which I did. I happily surrendered all property except a very few personal items to my wife, gave her my entire pension, and started a new life, and have regretted nothing.

    A fringe benefit is that I no longer have to check the house for smouldering cigarettes when I go out.


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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Wow, I didn't see that coming!

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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Smoking can also affect more than just your lungs. Smoking can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis (thinning or weakening of your bones), and cancers other than lung cancer. It can also reduce your ability to get pregnant and increase your chances of having problems with your pregnancy.with information on the health effects of smoking, we provide you with resources to help you quit if you are a smoker. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about smoking and share this information with your loved ones. Remember, it's best not to start smoking. If you do smoke, don't give up on quitting. We know how hard quitting can be, but you'll be glad you did! Being smoke-free will help you to live longer with better health.

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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Ha! Funny vid--Thanks for posting it, dsampson55.

    And this is my chance to plug something which is a bit controversial, but is something I think is great.

    I'm a smoker, a compulsive one. Demon nicotine has a strong grip on me.

    BUT I've cut way down, thanks to the Electronic Cigarette I'm now using!

    I hadn't heard of E Cigs until a couple of months ago. I looked up info, found there are suddenly many companies in The States selling various versions - I settled on trying the one made by Red Dragon because it has the most positive user response.

    It's amazing - The body of the cig is actually a battery. Disposable filters are screwed on to the end of it, and in the Red Dragon version, those filters have a load of nicotine, a load of propylene glycol which provides a vapor to carry the nicotine, and an aerator which sends the nicotine ladened vapor down the tube when you slowly puff on it. The vapor looks like smoke, but isn't, and is perfectly safe for other people in the environment.

    Some people have totally replaced smoking real cigs by using this thing. I'm not there yet, but smoke far fewer cigs now since the Red Dragon gives me the drug I'm addicted to. It's just not quite as strong, and doesn't replace all the little ritualistic things which are part of the habit - the care and use of my fancy lighter, tapping of ashes, the smell of the tobacco, etc.

    The theory is that while regular cigs have a long list of dangerous chemicals in them, with an E cig you're getting just one ingredient- the propylene glycol which is already used in thousands of items we ingest. The U.S. government isn't satisfied yet that the E cig is as safe as manufacturers claim, but I feel comfortable with using the product.

    There's a USB charger that comes with it - I just plug it into my laptop's USB hub every day, and I'm set.

    So - I wanted to bring this up in case there are other Forum members who'd like to try quitting with the use of this intriguing product.


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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for the info...as one addict to another I can safely say quitting isn't always as easy for some of us as it is for others. Just the way life goes.

    Last March I turned 50, and I had promised my wife and kids that this was it. I cut back to 3 a day pretty easily (I had previously cut back from 20 to 10 per day) and that lasted for a while, but alas, I went in the wrong direction, and I'm not back up to close to half a pack a day. Turns out that limiting the input to that level is probably as difficult as just quitting.

    I do not wish to trade one addiction for the potential for another, so I've avoided the various pharmaceutical solutions. The Red Dragon might be just the ticket.

    Funny thing is, my 7 year old told me about that or something very similar, and I thought he was just busting on me<G>!

    Time to do some homework, cause you know what... if that had been me in the funny video I'd probably have gone looking for another porch to use<G>!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    Funny Vid!!

    I have tried so hard to quit. Don"t ever start, its worse than heroine (dont know how to spell that).

    ...Ummm, dont start taking heroine either.

    I'm needing to quit smoking and a friend named Vicki is also, please pray for God to help us to kick this creepy habit.

    And everyone else who is trying to quit!

    PS: Thanks for the info Randy, i'll check out the red dragon ecig.

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    Budleigh Salterton

    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    You should stop smoking. It's very hard work initially but I did it and have virtually no self control whatsoever. I didn't bother with any help or nicotine patches or anything like that.

    Do I feel better almost 3 years down the line? Not really no.

    But it can cause real problems especially as you get older.

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    Senior Member rwayland's Avatar
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    California Redwoods

    Re: OT: How to quit smoking

    I was a heavy smoker from summer of 1946 until some time in 1973. I quit cold turkey. First three days, hell on wheels. Then okay until third week, which was misery. Then okay until 6 months, which was difficult for a few days. Thereafter, no serious trouble. After a year, no trouble.

    My solution to the smoking problem was to eliminate the stressful situation that was relieved somewhat by smoking. Once the way was clear and action decided on, it was fairly easy. The physical addiction was a minor part of the problem.

    After a few smoke free days, you will discover how bad cigarette breath smells, and will find it difficult to kiss a smoker! You will discover how unpleasant the smell of tobacco is, just passing by a smoker out of doors. Your health WILL be better, health costs should diminish. And you will be in no danger of burning your house down with a careless cigarette.


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