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Topic: Film Scoring, Some Rock, Some New Age Jazz....

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    Question Film Scoring, Some Rock, Some New Age Jazz....

    Greetings. This my first ever post to northernsounds. What a great forum.

    I am looking to possibly make a new piano purchase for my studio. I currently use the Trachtman Steinway and Bardstown Bosendorfer samples via Gigasampler.

    I downloaded the pianoteq trail yesterday and like it a lot. I'm looking for versatility. I will be doing a solo piano project that leans more toward a new age/classical feel but it won't be purist classical. I am also doing some film scoring and pop/rock recording.

    Should I be looking at Ivory and Galaxy II also? I know much of this is personal taste so I'd be curious as to what you all feel is a good $300 investment for my studio.

    I read the existing post on Ivory vs Galaxy II.



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    Re: Film Scoring, Some Rock, Some New Age Jazz....


    If versatility is a factor then consider checking out the Blüthner Digital Model One (BDMO) from www.proaudiovault.com It has a timbral impulse feature that can change the timbre of overall piano sound 260 different ways ! There are many film composers (you would know them) using BDMO in film and TV.

    There was a review of this product in the Nov. issue of Sound On Sound, Keyboard and Electronic Musician.

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound/ProAudioVault

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    Re: Film Scoring, Some Rock, Some New Age Jazz....

    Thanks you Ernest. I will check this out.

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