Thought this would be of interest: The developer of Short Circuit has released it as freeware\donationware. This is a serious, well-designed multisample player that imports Akai, soundfonts, and SFZ files or lets you create your own multisamples and save them in its native format. Not a toy thrown together as an experiment. Resembles VSampler in its abilities, though not its interface. One of the best interfaces I've seen for a softsampler. (The interface shown on the webpage is the version 1.x interface. Version 2 looks very different, with more colors and an entirely diffferent way of seeing the sample map.)

Has many modulations and filters that you can apply to each sample or each layer. Lets you create 8 layers and switch among them easily: an excellent interface that includes a browser that lets you see all of your samples and multisamples while you work. You can create multisamples with velocity layers on each layer and\or set each layer as a velocity layer. Other nice things include reversing the sample playback and bidirectional playing of samples or a loop in a sample. All the usual sources for mods and the needed destinations (sample start, pitch, filter parameters, each stage of each envelope, and everything else that's usually needed.)

Not perfect--there are a few limitations:
1. Ony two envelopes. But you can attach more than one destination to each envelope and can set the timing\delay and amount for the mod, so the limitation is not as bad as it first seems.) In a sense, you just create another envelope in the mod matrix.
2. No direct-from-disk playing. The samples load into RAM.

The different versions have very different interfaces: version 1.X has a default interface similar to that of most maps for multisamples. You must have a sample or several loaded and selected to see the controls below the map. Version 2 instead shows more of the controls, and maps the samples on the left side of the screen. The different versions also have different filters and effects: version 1.X has a Morph-EQ that can be made a mod destination.

There's a discussion of the program on KVR in the Instruments forum.