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Topic: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

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    The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

    Still feeling relatively new to the Forum (1st anniversary coming up later this month) - there are still things I'm catching up on.

    --Recently I was randomly browsing in a local used record store, and what suddenly pops out at me from the bins?--

    "Gary Garritan - Heavenly Love Songs III"

    And now I'm the very happy owner of that CD - with the exciting realization that the "III" on this beautiful album indicates I have more hunting to do, to find volumes I and II!

    I hadn't thought of looking for CDs of Gary's before. I love how synchronistically perfect it was to discover this disc on that day, my head being full of Forum-related things when I was CD browsing.

    If Gary's CDs are unfamiliar to you also, you owe it to yourself to seek them out so you too can revel in the masterful recordings he's laid down.

    This collection features gorgeous arrangements of popular favorites such as "Somewhere Out There" "Scarborough Fair" "Somewhere" (from "West Side Story") and "The Theme from Ice Castles." There's even a beautiful song written by Gary, titled "Wondrous Love."

    Gary's Harp is the featured instrument - impeccable and soulful playing, extremely ably backed by Frank Spitznagel on Keyboards, Ritambhara Tyson on Strings, Sand Dalton on Woodwinds, David Parish - Glute, and Jim Shaffer-Bauck on percussion. Alf Waghorn and Gary engineered the album.

    The CD is from 1997, which can seem not so long ago, but to read Gary's acknowledgements on the liner notes puts in perspective how long ago it actually was in the terms of audio technology - He thanks Sound Forge and Cakewalk for their revolutionary software - programs which were new and perplexingly amazing at the time. They still are actually - but the point is, computer music technology wasn't so common 10 years ago.

    A belated and Big round of applause for Gary and his troupe who put together a truly Heavenly album at the "Electronic Harp Studios, Orcas Island, Washington State."

    Go find copies as Christmas presents to yourself and loved ones!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan


    Maybe we can talk Gary into re-releasing these CD's?


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    Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

    Excellent idea, David - for Gary to re-release those discs.

    And it sounds like you weren't aware of them either, so it wasn't just me being uninformed. Fun that I was able to draw your attention to this "Heavenly Love Songs" trio of CDs.

    I'm wondering how easy it'll be for people to seek them out in their favorite music stores - Best idea indeed is for these to be made available again!

    Randy B.

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    Smile Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

    Wow! Sounds like it will be just heavenly. I'm going to have to check out our used stores, and we have several of them close by.

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    Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

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    Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

    I always had a feeling that Gary was floating higher than us. Those CD covers prove it!


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    Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan

    This is certainly a trip down memory lane!

    Yes, that's me with my head in the clouds as usual!

    In the early 90's I developed a MIDI harp and between 1993 and 1997 I made several CDs playing my various harps. Equipment back then - early versions of Sonar (still around), Personal Composer (no longer around), Vision Studio (no longer around). My samplers were a Kurzweil K2000, a Proteus 2 and an Ensoniq Mirage. I started sampling by making my own harp samples for my MIDI harp. These samples becames the basis for one of the very first Gigasampler libraries - the Gigaharp - which launched my sampling career.

    Heavenly Love Songs 1 was my first album and sold over 100,000 copies without any major distrubtion (mostly concerts at festivals, fairs and late night TV commercials). The songs were mostly cover tunes so they cannot be posted without copyright issues.

    Here is a version of Pachelbel's Canon from the album which I can share here:


    This was before the advent of software samplers - the neanderthal era of sampling (early 90's).

    In this version of the Canon is a mix of real and sampled instruments. The harp is a Salvi pedal harp and the MIDI harp. The strings are mostly sampled using Kurzwiel 2000 strings (from a floppy disc), Gravis Ultracard and Proteus 1 strings. The harpsichord is sampled and the recorder is real. There is also real cello and violin layered in as well.

    I've been away from this for nearly ten years and it is fun to hear this again.

    Fascinating to see how far we have come with music technology.

    What did some of you do before the age of software samples?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: The Heavenly Sounds of Gary Garritan


    I get "The requested URL was not found on this server."

    "A painter who has no doubts about his own ability will attain very little" - Leonardo da Vinci.

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