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Topic: One of my first Silver XP songs!

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    Smile One of my first Silver XP songs!

    Hello again,

    I've had EWQLSO Silver XP for about two weeks and i'm blown away how it sounds,after having spent 2 years with free soundfonts and a 1 year with Virtouso Stirngs and UOP both for GIGA both coverted to soundfonts,Silver XP sure is a HUGE step up in quailty!

    and now here's the link



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    Re: One of my first Silver XP songs!

    Great sound from EWQLSO Silver. For $200 it's not bad eh?
    I'd like to hear more from you!

    If you like you I can host your song.
    Just go to http://www.orangewebsolutions.com and upload your song! much better than a filefront dl!

    God Bless,


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    Thumbs up Re: One of my first Silver XP songs!


    Yeah i agree,it does have great sound for the price.

    there will be MANY more songs to come

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