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Topic: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

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    GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    I have recieved different answers to this, some say yes, some say no. Has anyone out there been able to get GPO (Kontakt Player 2.2.3) to work with Logic 8?

    I have gotten it to work fine using a multi through 16 channels of midi, no problem... but I can't get the outputs of the Kontakt player to deliver any audio the the aux channels, those being the ones that are created when you click the little + sign at the bottom of the instrument strip.

    Some say it doesn't work because Logic changed some things regarding multi instruments in Logic 8. People are getting the full version of Kontakt 2 to output fine, but Kontakt player is not.

    Anyone having any success?

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    I'm having similar issues as you are. However, I need to do a bit more experimenting. When I choose the Kontakt 2 Player for multiple instruments, there are a number of choices with regards to the Player. For example, the choices I get are 4 stereo out 8 stereo out, 16 mono's out, etc., etc. (there are more choices, but I'm not at my home computer, now, to list them). I need to experiment to see if I can configure those the audios out of the "8 stereo out" choice (for example) to work with Logic 8. I just haven't the time, at present.

    There is a work-around. You can use the Kontakt 2 Player stand-alone version is connect the midi up via Apple's internal midi program (I don't remember the name of it, at present). Again, I need to do more experimenting, but it seems that I can configure the audios out of the stand-alone Kontakt 2 Player to work with Logic 8.

    By the way. . . I'm still using OS X 10.4.10; haven't upgraded to the Leopard yet. Also, I'm using MOTU's 2408 MK3 as my audio device. This may or maynot make a difference.
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    Sounds like pretty much the same setup at me, Motu 828 mkII... All the options that you get sound the same as mine as far as which multi instruments versions you can choose within Logic. I haven't tried messing around with setting it up in the stand alone player and then getting it to work in Logic.

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    Hi - Since you're both having similar or the same problems, let me ask something, Palms, it may address Ted "efiebke"s problem also:

    "...I can't get the outputs of the Kontakt player to deliver any audio the the aux channels, those being the ones that are created when you click the little + sign at the bottom of the instrument strip..."

    Are you talking about KP2 getting sound to the Aux channels inside itself, or the ones in Logic? When you refer to channels created when you click the + sign, again, do you mean the ones in KP2 or Logic? Because the channels you add inside KP2 aren't Aux channels - they're regular channels that carry the audio for the instruments.

    Because you don't want the outs of KP2 to go to Logic's Aux channels - you want them to go to regular audio channel strips.

    And to use the Aux Busses in KP2, on the far right of a Garritan graphic for an inserted instrument, you need to click "Aux" - then your choices of outs to the Auxes appear with sliders.

    But I'm not sure what your post meant - I tried to cover everything I could think of in the above.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    I asked Native Instruments about this and this is their reply:
    Kontakt Player 2.2.3 does work within Logic 8 on either Power PC and Intel based Macs. You can use different output configuration which are now pre-assigned by Logic directly: e.g. stereo, 8 x stereo, 8 x mono etc....

    We always recommend to use one of the pre-assigned settings of Logic and select the same output configuration within the Kontakt Player 2 channel mixer.

    So basically, what users should do is to start up KP2 in standalone mode, then set up their channel output configurations - e.g. 8 x stereo -> which means create 8 stereo channels in the KP2 mixer, assign the outputs, then press "make default".

    After pressing "make default" a message pops up which says to restart KP2 to make the changes active (close and re-open all instances).

    When you have done this, please start up Logic Pro 8 again and load up the appropriate output coniguration from KP2 on your AU instrument track: e.g. 8 x stereo/ 8 x mono.

    Now, load up the instruments from GPO or JABB and set up the plug-in outputs /channels for the different instruments. The KP2 outputs will appear as available inputs on AUX tracks in the Logic Pro mixer. Note that stereo plug-in outputs do only appear on stereo AUX tracks. Mono plug-in outs do only appear on mono AUX objects.
    Hope this helps,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    That has to be pretty good news for some folks, Gary - Great that you found out the details.

    So, Ted and Palms - this means using the stand alone KP2 isn't a "work around," - it's like the right and Only way to work with KP2 and Logic together, and notice there's no need for extra utilities.

    These instructions look pretty thorough, and sound very --Logical--So, hope you guys can make this work.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    Mr. Gary and Mr. Randy!!

    Thank you for taking the time and thoughtfulness in sharing information regarding the Logic/Kontakt issue.

    I have a few days off from work so I'm going to write, write, write!

    (Music! LOL!)

    This will also give me a little time to experiment with different configurations of setting up the Kontakt 2 Player to work with Logic 8.

    For me, and apparently for other Apple Logic 8 users, the main problem is memory usage when utilizing many instances of either the Kontakt or Kontakt 2 Player within Logic. Please understand that I am no expert with the Logic program or with Apple computers. (I am, however, beginning to feel quite comfortable with using GPO and JABB through Kontakt/Kontakt 2 Player (I have both). I've only begun to experiment, but at present there appears to be HUGE memory usage (in terms of MB's) when individual instances of the Kontakt 2 Player are set up within Logic. Now, with Logic 8 (thankfully) it is easier to set-up multiple-instruments within one instance of Kontakt 2 Player verses the same number of individual instruments using just as many individual instances of the Kontakt 2 Player. (Does that make sense??? ) This can all be done within the Logic program without going outside of Logic and configuring a stand-alone instance of the Kontakt 2 Player. What is nice to know is that I can set-up a stance-alone instance of the Kontakt 2 Player with multiple instruments within it and connect it to Logic 8 via the IAC driver. I recently learned about the IAC driver which is found within the Apple computer. The IAC driver is basically a virtual midi program that Apple seems to have created just for the purpose of using stand-alone versions of instrumental sound libraries with sequencing programs like Logic.

    (I'm taking a deep breath now. . . . )

    What I need to figure out, now, is which is the better configuration to use that causes the least amount of memory usage. At present, I honestly don't now. But it seems apparent that using many individual instances of the Kontakt 2 Player with just as many instruments will quickly and significantly eat up memory.

    Sigh. . . .

    Well. . . I just woke up after working a busy 12+ hour night-shift of ICU/CCU nursing. I'm staring at 3 days off from work!! YEA!!!

    On to writing some music!! (And on to some experimenting with the Logic and Kontakt 2 Player programs with my favorite GPO and JABB! )

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    Thanks Gary and Randy. This solution seems to work! There is no way I would have been able to figure this out on my own since I couldn't find any information on it.

    Much Thanks!

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    I think I am encountering the same problem.

    I would like to know how to setup Garritan Personal Orchestra with Logic Multi Outs auxes.

    Usually in the case of Logic's internal instruments such as Ultrabeat etc. you load an instance of Ultrabeat and then create auxes
    The input of each of those auxes will come up as eg. Inst 2- list of channels

    However, in my experience I load a multi in an instance of KP2 which and I selected an instance which has 8 stereo outs. When I create the corresponding auxes. The Inst 2 KP2 instance comes up with ONLY CHANNELS 17-32. I loaded the multi in 1-16 not 17-32.

    I am slightly confused as to why it won't come up with 1-16.

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    Re: GPO working in Logic 8? aux's?

    Here's a link to a Logic 8 song which has a GPO set up using multi outs successfully.

    I have set up only 5 of the aux outs. Adding more just requires you to click that little '+' sign in the bottom right corner of the main track and then assign the output of the aux to a different output of the KP2 player.

    Advantages: separate effects, mix per aux output, in other words, more control
    Disadvantages: NO FREEZE!!!

    Hope this helps,


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