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Topic: Lyrical Distortion question

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    Lyrical Distortion question

    I have Lyrical Distortion 1 and 2. When I load individual articulations into Kontakt, it does not respond to Volume or Expression commands in Logic. All of my other libraries do.

    As a registered user, I have tried going onto the Bela D Media website, but they have moved their Forums and I have asked twice for assistance on how to get to the forums, but so far no one is getting back to me. I can work around it for now by sending the lyrical distortion outputs to an aux and controlling the volume that way, but I would like to know how to control the library via Midi. I do have the interface script, but sometimes I just want to use an articulation or two.

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion question

    Hello Leon,

    I just replied to your second one. The first one I replied last Monday morning I see they were both different email addresses.

    I don't have Logic, but I just loaded a few LD nki's into K2 standalone and they seemed to work with both controls. Can you try standalone to see if it's just LD or something goofy with Kontakt/Logic?
    Also check to see if Standard Controllers is checked in the nki
    Press the [wrench] button, once the nki opens up, just below the wrench button is the [Instrument Options]. Select the controller button. Check to see if the 'Accept Standard Controllers for Volume and Pan' is checked.

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion question


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    Re: Lyrical Distortion question

    Okay. I got onto the new forum. Thanks!

    I will try what you suggested with Kontakt.

    (Sorry for the multiple email addresses, I wasn't sure if I had to use the one that I registered under originally and couldn't remember which one. Somehow, I missed the sentence on needing the product codes.)

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