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Topic: Sonic Implants and Gigastudio

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    Sonic Implants and Gigastudio

    1. Has anyone ever had loading or memory problems with their Gigastudio
    using the Sonic Implants Libary. I find that by loading 3 or more sounds on my 2.6 GHZ PC, I get audio click problems all relating to CPUSAGE on Gigastudio.

    Any comments or suggestions? Is my computer too slow?

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    Re: Sonic Implants and Gigastudio

    Which processor is it exactly?
    Name all of your pc specs

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    Re: Sonic Implants and Gigastudio


    I use it also along with several other libraries as well.

    I currently have it ported to Scope / GVI DAW, and that Dog'll Hunt !!

    GVI loads much more content than GS3, if that's what you're using.

    You should always post your specs, and which parts of which library you are trying to load, SISS Full or Mini ? etc.,etc..


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    Re: Sonic Implants and Gigastudio

    Well I feel kinda of dumb but I have improperly been installing XP.
    I was installing some of thge Giga setup on the D drive and reinstalling caused a big problem. Its working absolutley balzingly fastl...in fact I can load a huge amount of sounds upto 77% using 2Gigs ram, a AMDx2 6000 Processor and Asus Motherboard. The Sonic Library now loads and plays amazingly.

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    Re: Sonic Implants and Gigastudio

    Enjoy it's well recorded sounds.

    Many consider it old, but in the right hands it works rather well.

    Watch out for too many Gigapulse instances though. But AMD's architechture seemed to load more than the comparable P4's did.

    I Love To See Happy Players !!

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