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Topic: Best Sample conversion program?

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    Best Sample conversion program?

    Hope someone out there can help me. I just ordered a copy of Chickensys Translator Pro. It was well reviewed by Sound on Sound magazine in the UK and I need it primarily for tweaking my old Ensoniq EPS samples. Although I can import these directly into Kontakt 3 I guess I wanted to learn a bit more about sampling with them.

    Howether I am a bit dismayed by the Chickensys website which seems a bit of a muddle and has a lot of old material on it. Also the supported foum there does seem rather quiet and the response to a query I had on Omniflop
    has not been responded to in 2 days or so

    So have I made the right choice in ordering Translator pro - it is a £105 all told and for that money I would expect at least some consistent support.

    Also I am having trouble getting the Translator 3 version to work with Omniflop but I guess that should be a separate posting.

    Cheers for any help out there
    Simon UK

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    Re: Best Sample conversion program?

    Try posting this question on the Native Instruments Kontakt Forum. If I remember correctly the Chickensys guy also does some work for NI and lurks on that forum.

    Hope this helps

    Todd K

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