Has anyone got this going out there? I got my Omniflop licenced ok for use with Translator Free 2.9 but Translator 3 doesn't seem to recognise its licence.

What does Omniflop do when working with Translator Pro (or free). Does it recognise the majority of sample formats under Windows XP or just a few. In particular will I be able to get it to read my Ensoniq EPS floppies inside Translator in their native format. I know I can do it with .efe and .ede files anway - but I have a hunch some parameters get lost in either the conversion in Translator - or for that matter importing them into Kontakt 3.

A bit in the dark here. The Omniflop contact Jason Wotton was very helpful but he could only tell me if I had the program licenced properly or not

Thanks in hopes
Simon UK