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Topic: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

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    The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    "The Attic" and "Ten Past Two"
    (click title for MP3)
    PART ONE - underscoring PART TWO - includes a vocal demo done for our Forum
    (take note, Trent!)

    Following an argument, Dorian has taken Basil up to his attic to show him "the diary" of his life - the mysteriously changing portrait of Dorian which now looks like a loathsome monster. Only after seeing his own signature on the painting can Basil accept it as his own work.

    The implications are immediately clear to him, that his one-time friend who hasn't aged in 20 years years and who still has the innocent demeanor of a child, is every bit as wicked as the rumors say.

    He begs Dorian to pray together with him. But as Basil clasps his hands in prayer, Dorian, overcome with hate for the man who unwittingly ruined his life, takes out a knife and plunges it into Basil's neck over and over.

    When the painter gurgles his last breath, Dorian is instantly smitten with remorse and tightly clasps the bleeding corpse in his quaking arms.

    With a jolt he realizes he needs to take swift action. But first he slowly and delicately places the corpse in a peaceful, prayerful pose.

    Suddenly the portrait ripples with new, demonic life and trickles of blood colored dew streak down from the thing's talon-like hands. Dorian catches sight of the horrific transformation and runs stumbling out of the attic.

    Quickly gathering his wits about him, he grabs his coat, runs outside and locks himself out. He knocks loudly on the door to rouse Alyce Leaf, his housekeeper. When she lets him in, Dorian guides the conversation to impress upon Alyce that he's coming home at 2:10 AM - establishing his alibi should he be questioned about Basil's disappearance. Alyce shuffles sleepily back to bed as Dorian contemplates the new depths to which he's sunk.
    The MP3 is a blend of two numbers in the show, mixed together the way they will be in performance. The first half is underscoring for Basil and Dorian as they enter and talk in the attic. Reprises of themes abound.

    0:20 -Basil sees the picture

    1:15 - Basil's brief "Lord's Prayer" (to be sung)

    1:40 - Dorian stabs Basil1:50 - pause in the music - Dorian lets out the earth cry of "BAAAASIL!"

    1:53 - Dorian holding Basil, music first introduced in "Prelude" and "Dorian's Dilemma"

    2:15 - re-positioning Basil into a peaceful looking pose

    2:34 - the picture changes

    2:50 - drums start "10 Past 2"

    2:03 - Alyce crossing the stage to answer the door

    The music box, the electric piano and a few other sounds are from the Korg X5DR - The rest of the instruments are GPO.

    I added my vocals to this version, especially for The Forum. Obviously Alyce is being sung an octave lower than written.

    The illustration is by Majeska, from a 1930 edition of the novel.

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)


    First I thought that Alyce sounded quite manly, then went back and read what you wrote.

    As an aside... Are you playing any of the parts in this? You cut down your voice, but I think it is quite appropriate for any of the characters (sans Alyce) that you have so far described.

    As always this music is both delicious and descriptive. You use GPO so well that I had to pester you away from the forum.

    Once again this goes away from the Elfman territory in a grand and well thought out way.

    I eagerly await the next Installment.


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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    Hey Randy,
    Not sure how I felt about this one until the melody "ten past two - sir" , "ten past two - sir" ... started echoing in my mind and had me grin.
    Excellent use of transitions with both fluidic musical streams and explosive orchestral swells.

    Great job Randy!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    Another stunning production! This is great stuff.
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser
    underscoring, plus a vocal demo done for our Forum
    (take note, Trent!)
    Thanks Randy

    I really enjoyed this latest installment. As you said, previous themes abound – I don’t know if I caught all of them, but some (like the little clarinet solo near the beginning of this on the theme first heard in the first scene (something about remarkable person called Dorian Gray)) are real obvious.

    I agree with Ron that your voice would work for any of the characters – I’ve always liked the vocal demos you’ve posted.

    Does the audience see the picture in this? Are you going to do special effects (i.e., the described dripping blood on the painting)?
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    Hi, fellow Forumites - Thanks for leaving your replies on this "Dorian" post - It's always much appreciated.

    hehe, Ron - Ya made me laugh:

    "...First I thought that Alyce sounded quite manly, then went back and read what you wrote..."

    Yeeeah, sometimes the text has some crucial info there. I Try to keep it short, but there's so much to say!

    "...As an aside... Are you playing any of the parts in this?..."

    Nooooo no, thanks for saying I do this stuff OK, but I'll be much too busy directing the production to be able to also be on stage. Besides, the theatre has a strict and excellent policy to not allow directors to be in their own shows. It really doesn't work, despite the egos spread far and wide who try to do that anyway.

    "...As always this music is both delicious and descriptive. You use GPO so well that I had to pester you away from the forum..."

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, and your pestering style is enjoyable, Ron.

    "...Once again this goes away from the Elfman territory in a grand and well thought out way...."

    Why thank you much, but you know I've never been unhappy with the Elfman comparisons--they just surprised me. The show does have a variety of styles in it, and I'm just fine with thinking Elfman may be included.

    I've blathered long enough this time - Michael, Gary and Trent I want to reply to you next time 'round - some good stuff and I want to write about it later.


    Randy B.

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    Thumbs up Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    Another great installment of some great work Randy!

    ...kinda sad though.

    Forumites, i like that.

    Did i understand you correctly that you are (for demo purposes only) singing the parts, that's you?
    If so, wow you have a great singing voice and so perfect for this genre!

    Alyce say she thinks so too!


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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)


    Cool hearing your voice overlap itself in singing conversation! As always, very effective, great use of sounds/effects (music box) and pacing. This hearing the musical on the installment plan is quite interesting! Maybe you should be charging us a subscription!

    I'm sure Oscar Wilde would approve!
    Ron Pearl





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    Exclamation Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    I did click! But only an instrumental base was played by player!

    How may I listen to the vocal track?

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    Re: The Death of Basil in "Dorian" (with vocals)

    You're all giving me such interesting things to respond and thank you for. If I don't split up my responses, I'll end up writing a Novel here - snoooooore.

    Michael Wiktor, I really appreciate seeing you here on the thread. AH, so the "hook" in my Dark Jazz section gotcha. hehe--Nice.

    These two sections don't stand by themselves as musical pieces really, like some of the other numbers do. This is a large collection of thematic recapitulation which in context of one viewing/listening will have a bit different effect than here online, the way these pieces have been spread out over almost a year now! Several of the particular themes touched on in the underscoring section of this are from the show's opening number which most current Forum members haven't even heard.

    There's an important reprise of the prayer Dorian made when he wished he could be immortally young, and references to several of the show's earliest songs. And so forth - The only new section musically is the talk/singing opening and closing of "10 Past 2" with its forced casualness.

    Michael - be sure to catch the show's next number. This current posting is a key scene in the show of course, since the major character of Basil has been murdered - but musically, it's laying the foundation for a Major mood shift in the following scene.

    Gary "Fiziwig"--Thank you my Eugenean friend --Great to know you're still out there getting a preview of what you'll see next year!

    Trent, David and Ron - Duty calls and I gotta wrap this up for now. I want to respond to you in some depth, so I shall return.

    Randy B.

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