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Topic: volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

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    Question volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

    I'm watching this happen in real time and it is the weirdest thing. If anyone out there can tell me how to fix this recurring problem, or if my GPO or Kontakt Player (v1.1.8.003) might be corrupt and what to do about that, please advise! I'm running Cubase SL3 on a Mac 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5, OS 10.4.8.

    In the Kontakt Player, the option box is ON for "use std. cc#7 / cc#10 volume & pan".

    I'm trying to balance the woodwind section for an orchestra piece. I'm using Bb Clarinet Plr 1 and Bb Clarinet Plr 2. They're playing in 3rds so their volumes need to be about the same. They have identical volume curves painted into their respective mod wheel windows. There is no data on CC7, main volume, on either track, nor any other MIDI info under the hood--just notes and mod wheel data. And I'm not touching the Cubase mixer slider throughout this process.

    Here's what I am doing, and what I observe.

    I set Clarinet 2's volume in the Kontakt Player to -16.3 DB, and its volume dial points to about 11:00. (I save the file.) I hit "play" in the Cubase transport window. Playback sounds good. I hit "stop" in Cubase. The Kompakt volume dial JUMPS to about 12:30, yet the number below the word "volume" still says -16.3. Clearly, the number and the dial DO NOT AGREE. Indeed: I hit "play" again, and now Clarinet 2 plays back at an absurdly loud level. The dial doesn't change. I hit "stop." When I click on the dial itself, the dial doesn't move, but the number changes to -3.7 DB.

    I reset the Clarinet 2 volume dial to -16.3 (about 11:00), save, and quit. I reopen the same Cubase file. The Clarinet 2 volume number reads -3.5 DB, and the dial appears to be at 12:30.

    What is making the volume change of its own accord??? What do I do to freeze the level where I want it?

    The same anomaly happened with my horn patch several months ago, interestingly, in exactly the same location: instrument 2 of my Kontakt Player's instance 2. (Coincidence? I think not!) Back then, thanks to my friends on the Cubase forum, I repaired permissions and trashed Cubase prefs. That time it fixed the problem (who knows how or why). This time it didn't.


    This repeating anomaly is untenable and puts my work flow at risk. Can anyone help me?

    Thank you in advance, and best wishes to all who give it some thought.


    MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.4; full GPO, JABB, C&MB; Cubase SL3.1.1.944; Finale 2007c; KP2.

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    Re: volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

    Cubase is probably sending a default volume for the track. I don't use Cubase but a similar thing can happen in Sonar from the track view. You may want to uncheck the option to use CC7/CC10, then it shouldn't occur.


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    Re: volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

    Hi Jim,

    Yeah, that's the only apparent solution. Thank you.

    If Cubase were sending such messages, I should be able to disable them. I wish I knew how. They must reside at a level of the program I'm unaware of.


    MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.4; full GPO, JABB, C&MB; Cubase SL3.1.1.944; Finale 2007c; KP2.

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    Re: volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

    Hi Rebecca
    I used to use SL3 (now SE3), are both of the instruments on separate IDI channels?

    I have found with Cubase that if instruments are sharing a MIDI channel AND each have their own modulation data, there seems to be some discrepancy in how the data is read by Cubase. This may also be the case for other DAW's but I only use Cubase.

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    Re: volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for asking. Yeah, all my wind instruments are on separate channels. With woodwinds and brasses I've filled up 24 slots of three Kontakt player instances.

    Apparently my version of Cubase (or perhaps my OS) can only deal with three instances at a time; if I tried to use four, one of them won't play at all. To deal with that, I pre-recorded the strings and percussions to audio tracks, removed those instruments, then reloaded the three Kontakt player instances with my wind instruments.

    I have encountered what you suggested before. When doing percussion tracks, I wanted to isolate each of my four players' MIDI tracks. At one point two of my percussionists were both playing instruments from the basic orchestral percussion palette. I had to load the "basic" into two slots, thus assigning different MIDI channels, in order to give them differing mod wheel data.

    I followed Jim's suggestion of unchecking the volume/pan option. That keeps the volume-from-lower-hades problem from happening. But it also leaves it up to me to guess correct wind instrument sample levels, relative to each other. Wish me luck.

    In any case, the work continues apace. Thanks for thinking about it!

    MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.4; full GPO, JABB, C&MB; Cubase SL3.1.1.944; Finale 2007c; KP2.

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    Re: volume anomaly, PLEASE help!

    Good to hear you have it sorted Rebecca.

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