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Topic: Losing Wisdom

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    Losing Wisdom (2nd arrangement now added)

    I've not been writing for a long time and not posted anything here for 2 years or so. I have now written a new piece for cello and piano and though I'd share it with you all. Please take a listen to 'Losing Wisdom' and let me know what you all think.

    http://www.daveclissold.com/music/Losing Wisdom.mp3

    If any of you out there are cellists and wish to have a go at recording the part I'd love to hear from you as I wrote the piece for a friends birthday and her upcoming audition for the Royal Ballet and would love to hand her a 'live' copy rather than the version I have as I'm not the best at using GPO.


    2nd Arrangement (also posted later in this thread so apologies to the forum for making that mistake)

    http://www.daveclissold.com/music/2/Losing Wisdom.mp3

    I hope that listening to this piece brings about as much interest as it did writing it. Thank you to all for your guidance in helping this piece develop.


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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    Hello, Dave - And welcome back to The Listening Room!

    "Losing Wisdom" is a beautiful piece of music. Extremely effective duet for your two instruments. Romantic Minimalism perhaps?

    Intriguing title too. I'd like to know how that came about.

    Your friend is very fortunate to have this for her upcoming Royal Ballet audition - And the recording you have here will certainly more than suffice. You say you don't feel very competent with GPO--but I don't hear a deficiency.

    A touch of reverb, especially on the Cello would be an engineering improvement.

    Have you heard pieces done with the Garritan Gofriller Cello? It's extremely expressive and natural sounding. You asked if a Cellist may want to lend a hand playing this in a live recording, but it's even more likely a Gofriller owner/user would be able to render this in an equally satisfying way.

    BUT I feel you should be able to hand your friend This version without apologies.

    One more question - Why haven't you been writing music for a long while? You obviously have music in your soul. I hope you're able to find more time for music in the near future.

    Thanks for the very satisfying listen.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    A melancholy feel comes across very strong to me. It communicates a lot of concentration on the past and wondering what it meant. Trying to interpret the past in order to do better in the future.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    Losing Wisdom? Strange title for such a beautiful piece that demands a real cello (or Gofriller as Randy said). More reverb? I don't think so. The whole setup is as if it is played in a living room. I played the cello myself and it really fits that small ambience. I suggest to give the piano more dynamics, in other words that repeating theme sometimes softer and sometimes with different accents (staccato, legato, some tenuto on notes). It gives you another dimension, certainly when the cello is playing softer and smoother (when you use that longer melody line for the cello).

    Give it some gentle touch of a love song. And if you can change that right hand theme to the left hand on occasions (as if you play it crossed hands).

    You did a nice job here...... for an audition of Royal Ballet? Some more rhythm is necessary, some accents to focus on. You can do that together with the change in dynamics as said above.....


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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    This is a beautiful piece dave. A gofriller would really add to this, but what the heck, one can only spend so much on software. That is not to take away from the great sound of this composition. Very nice.

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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    This is lovely piece - very sweet/melancholic. My only quibble is that the cello seems out of tune, especially at the outset. Did you put any pitch messages in?
    A lot of places it sounded flat...

    But, I really like the piece. Don't be such a stranger around here - your work will get a lot of appreciative listeners.

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    Beautiful piece!!

    I too heard a few spots of the cello being flat a hair. On purpose?

    Regardless, I can see a nice ballet recital coming out of this.

    Well done


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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    Welcome back, Dave!

    And if this piece is to judge by, we wish you'd show
    up around here a little more often... lol.

    Lovely melodic writing in this... much enjoyed.

    I might suggest giving the 'cello a little more of a break
    here and there -- not so much due to demands on the player,
    but more to relieve the texture and provide a little contrast.

    My best,


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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    Thank you all for such wonderful responses. The piano part took the time to record with me playing it over and over but the cello part I recorded 'live'. I like the way the piece sounds but as you all agree, as do I, the cello part loses a little of its beauty, for me its the most stunning sounding of all the instruments and feel that I can't do it justice hence the calling of a Cellist to take hold of it and give it some life.

    I am going to spend the day working on it again and taking in all your advice.

    The reason I've been away for so long is fighting a few problems that life likes to throw at us every now and then, but now I have my new digtal piano expect to hear more from me.

    Take care everyone and I'll keep you updated as and when I finish re-arranging this piece.

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    Re: Losing Wisdom

    Beautiful piece. I agree with David – to my ears the cello needs to drop out on occasion. It will make the piece "breath" more. Think of it as a singer - you don't want the voice in 100% of the time, do you? The cello is somebody singing with their instrument.
    Trent P. McDonald

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