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Topic: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

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    holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    This song is not really a holiday song. It just refers to a co-worker who has 2 personalities. One that is intense and abrasive at work, and one that is pleasant to be with at social gatherings. This uses jabb piano, bass and drums. It also uses some drum loop material and a cakewalk harmonica.
    Please listen and tell me what you think. My last post (a beggars dance) had such a dark depressing sound to it, that I wanted to try something a little cheerier.

    UPDATE: 11-19-07: I thought the harmonica on this was way to wet, so I reduced the reverb on it.


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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    Hi, Jay!

    You just now provided me with a VEry enjoyable break from this marathon sound effects editing session I'm in the middle of.

    YOu know how to Bossa Nova, that's for sure. This sounds just great!

    And when you say it's a Cakewalk Harmonica, which Soft Synth do you mean? Dimension Pro?

    --ANd side reference to the last piece you posted, it's far too much of an exaggeration to say it was "dark and depressing"--"A Beggar's Dance" is beautiful and a bit somber, but really great.

    Randy B.

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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    Now this is depressing. I hear this and want to get up and dance with a long haired, long-legged, beautiful latino woman. Alas, I sit here all alone and dream of days gone by!!
    Maria was her name and she would fit the bill to a T right now.


    But great music!

    Well done


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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    Super job on this, Jay. Have it up on the big speakers
    (wife's away... lol) -- really top-notch sound on it, to my
    ear... just about swear you were in the room with it.



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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    I really like this. Great bass and drums. Sometimes your chord progressions catch me off guard, but only on the first time around.
    I haven't forgotten about your other piece but I'm pretty well tied up now with paying jobs that have to take precendence, but as Arnold said "I'll be Bach!"


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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    Very enjoyable. Very interesting work with the harmonica. You did a great job of making this sound live – I particularly like some of the accents on the drum set, they sound so natural.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    As others have mentioned, the ambience you achieve with this is really cool! I like the "we're at the club" feel to it. Nice tune, great to just kick back and relax to! Well done!


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    Re: holiday bob. (bossa nova)

    Hey Randy, thanks for taking a moment from your marathon editing session to listen. I am glad that you liked this. I played around a little with the reverb on this. I appreciate the info that you passed on to me in your email. I sent you an email about a question about sound forge. Talk to you later.

    Hi Ron, it is always good to hear from you. Thanks for liking my song. Maria sounds like a real 'babe'. I miss a lot of days gone by also. Thanks for listening.

    Thanks David. I was messin' aroung with cakewalks 'perfect space' reverb. I used the blues club preset and played with the settings a little. I think it came out ok.

    Sos, I often try to get a little twist in the harmonic progressions of songs that I write. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Anyway I appreciate your nice comment. I am looking forward to hearing what you will do with my other piece when you have a chance to arrange it. Thanks for listening.

    Thank you trent. Part of the drum track is short loop snippets. I added hits and some cymbal work using jabb to punch it up a little and to accent certain breaks and such. I am glad that it sounds natural to you.

    Danny, I tried using cakewalks 'perfect space' reverb on this. They had a club preset that seemed to sound pretty good, so I started with that. I was trying to get a natural sound on this. Thanks for liking my song.


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