Edit: Real Player at highest volume was causing the distorsion, specially with trumpets. Broadband (Play all) is fine.

My Cd is now on CdBaby. All the music is done with EWQLSO Silver.


The audio clips are really bad. I must say that smooth pieces have some background noise because the samples were used at very low velocity level. This is for sure a beginner mistake. I should have listen those pieces at high volume level. But maybe it's still possible to attenuate this problem with audio tools.

Now the question:

I uploaded some mp3 tests here http://www.soundclick.com/bands/defa...?bandID=773492
at 128 Kbps and 40 Kbps and realized that both rates can be streamed at lo-fi and hi-fi modes. Hi-fi mode well represents the cd content while the lo-fi is about what we hear at CdBaby.

CdBaby says here

http://cdbaby.net/audio that Hi-Fi streaming

is used for 128K rate.

Am I wrong or their 128K streaming is Lo-Fi ?

This thread is not a rant against CdBaby which has my greatest respect but I'd like that the fixing guy there understands my point.