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Topic: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

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    The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    Hi folks,

    new developments. Last week I attended the presentation of a book made by a friend, telling the history of a new quarter of the town. Also present were some aldermen, the director of the Historical Archieve of our town.

    Talking about who's who and what we all do in our spare time, they also asked me what I do, what my relation with this happening was, etc. From one came another and suddenly everybody seemed to have a lot of interests in my idea of a Symphonic Poem of The Hague. Even the finances to get it performed surfaced. I had to lower their enthousiasm a bit telling that I needed to review the whole lot and that they will hear about this in due time.

    So I looked for a guy who could write the "real poem" in words, another one to make a video/photo reportage.....etc. It is growing and I am sure this project will last at least two years, which is good, because in 2009 (as I remember well) that Historical Archieve is celebrating its 125 years jubilee and the director wanted to use this for his "presentation".

    It is all in its infancy, but when I never start nothing will be accomplished.
    With what can I start? You may have guessed, that piece of music.

    I worked hard to make it better for presenting it on a CD to those guys/girls involved in this project. Please give me some comments and if necessary I will apply them, but I must tell you that I am almost at the limits of my knowledge and understanding of all rendering considerations (also budget-wise).

    The Hague - part 1 - The City
    The Hague - part 2 - After the silence
    The Hague - part 3 - Festivals
    The Hague - part 4 - Finale, our majestic nature

    The City, give us the impression of a walk along the center of the town, just awakening, with all building sites, noisy traffic, the carillon of the Great Chruch, passing by the Royal Palaces, those silenced old "barrios" with small streets and historical buildings, The Houses of Parliament, etc.

    The Silence, is the grieve after the silence fell in again next to that dramatic bombardment at the end of the war (an error of the Combined Air Forces - they had their coordinates wrong- and instead of bombing the V2-rocket site, they bombed flat out a complete neighbourhood)

    The Festivals, is an impression of a fair, with merry-go-rounds, dippers, etc. with all the noises they make, including folk dancing, pancakes, candy floss, etc.

    The Finale is picturing our magnificent nature, parks, gardens. Maybe somebody will recognize Schubert's Heiden Röslein at the beginning (just joking). Anybody who has access to Google Earth can look at our town, avenues filled with trees, etc. It is just majestic like a cathedral.

    Enjoy it and don't hesitate to shoot me (please softly and gentle),


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    I really don’t have any recommendations, but I did have the pleasure of touring The Hague with you once again. I don’t remember the third movement (in mood it seems to take the place of a scherzo) and the fourth wasn’t overly familiar either. They both fit into the whole very well. I really like the whole thing – this is great writing.

    You said there was talk of trying to get a live performance – you should try to do that. This is a great piece and doesn’t need the video or poem to make it great – a live performance of this would be great and could help open the right doors to get the poem and video done.

    Anyway, it sounds like this could be the start of a great project for you. Good luck on it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem


    On a project of this magnitude, how can I possibly say "do this or that"?

    You have taken your city and described it in a way that no one else ever will. Even if I heard something I would do differently,(and I did not) I would never even think of telling you I would like this or that better if done my way.

    You have a great talent and a desire to share that. How could anyone ask for more?

    There are some unique sections in this that just blow me away and some slower passages that just dazzle the listener with the minimalism.

    If this project comes thru for you than huge congrats are in order and glasses should be raised high!!

    Well done


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    As you know, I've followed this with interest as it developed.
    I listened through all four movements over the last day or
    so, once again, Raymond. Quite an undertaking! I haven't
    much to add musically, but I did want to wish you good speed
    with the project overall. Keep us informed!

    My best,


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    It's a big work and very nice.

    I can hear technical things that could be improved upon here and there but if the idea is for a performance then you should just concentrate on the music aspects of it and preparing it for orchestra.

    I hope it all happens and you can post a live performance later.


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    Quote Originally Posted by fastlane
    I can hear technical things that could be improved upon here and there .......Phil
    All guys,

    thank you for the comments. Phil, please tell me. There is still plenty of time to get things a bit better, technically speaking of course.

    I'll keep you all posted with the developments of this project.


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    Raymond, I hope you realize that it's the magnitude of your accomplishment - just in terms of sheer length, which has been limiting the number of responses you're getting here.

    But the artistic magnitude of this Symphonic Poem is what is most impressive. I've loved watching/hearing it grow. I have nothing but deep down appreciation for what you've done.

    And the larger aspects of this project, and the way you're working to have other artists involved - It's a stupendous concept and I admire it so much.

    Hearty congrats to you, our friend in The Hague.

    Randy B.

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    Thumbs up Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    Raymond, that will be so great when this is in 125 years jubilee presentation, i think it is an absolutely awesome work which deserves to be included in that celebration.

    It is difficult for me to imagine that anything here needs improved, on my end it is such an amazing and intricate view of the facets of your city, The Hague, through your musical artistry.


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    Thank you guys for those kind words. Randy, you must be glad that my name isn't Gustav Painter........... (speaking of longer works)

    Now, I am reworking the panning. After all comparisons with real CD's, it didn't work out very good. The more typical seat layout seems to be better for this composition. I promise you, next year I will buy Altiverb, for sure......


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    Re: The Hague - Symphonic Poem

    Hello Raymond,

    Congrats on the work you've done so far on this and my best wishes for the opportunities that lie ahead to bring this project to fruition. I've been pushed for time and haven't managed yet to listen to the entire work in one sitting - but what I've heard so far paints a good picture of the scenes you describe and shows that you are in command of the orchestral and compositional forces at your disposal. An excellent achievement!


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