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Topic: Recording Problem

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    Angry Recording Problem

    I've just been trying to use a Tascam US-144 external audio interface to do some sampling. It works fine, except that everything seems to be absolutely hard-limited at -6.0dB. It doesn't seem to matter how much I beat the living daylights out of things, I can't get over that point, and nowhere near to clipping. It happens no matter what application I'm recording into, and no matter what mic I plug in.

    The Tascam manual doesn't mention this being a feature, and the control panel for the interface has almost no settings that can be changed by the user. Has anyone else had a similar problem, and how do I get round it?

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    Re: Recording Problem

    Hey Pingu,

    I've seen similar interfaces by m-audio (possibly the the tascam model you're mentioning) which have a small switch on the back for a built in limiter.

    Worth having a closer look at the physical device.



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    Re: Recording Problem

    Yes, my guess would be a limiter of some kind (which seems to be weird for recording, but... what the heck they probably know what they're doing! )

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