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Topic: Tried to Upgrade, now notation doesn't play

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    Tried to Upgrade, now notation doesn't play

    I realize that few of you use GPO this way or with Noteworthy Composer. However I have no use for using it as a midi interface thing only for playback via notation software.
    I upgraded, following Gary G's instructions and the new Kontact skin does work if I click on a key(on its keyboard) with my mouse, but it does not read my keyboard in even though my notation software does.
    However there is no sound via the software playback.
    Was I supposed to delete all the libraries before installing?

    I need some ideas on how to get Kontact and my software to talk to each other again,as they did before upgrading.

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    Re: Tried to Upgrade, now notation doesn't play

    Hey Frybyte,

    You'll need to install a set of virtual midi cables. I recommend MIDI-Yoke. This program will create midi outputs and inputs. In noteworthy, assign your outputs from the tracks to channels on one of the ports.

    In the Kontakt Player 2, open the setup window and navigate to the midi devices tab. Make sure that particular port is enabled as input. Also take note that KP2 can run only the first four ports you've selected in the list and automatically assigns them A through D from top to bottom. At 16 channels per port, this gives you 64 simultaneous inputs.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Tried to Upgrade, now notation doesn't play follow up question

    Thank you it took a while to figure out if that worked or not but I got it.

    However Noteworthy still shows all the GPO studio 1-8 options which, of course don't work now.

    Do you/anyone know what to delete so they aren't cluttering my software?

    Thanks for the help so far


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