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Topic: OT: Theatre Festival

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    OT: Theatre Festival

    So this weekend I was very surprised to find out that I had won 3rd place in a theatre festival that I was forced into doing and was not too thrilled about doing it in the first place.

    I performed the final monologue from the movie American Beauty and got very surprising results from the judges.
    Had no idea how I did it... But I won 3rd!

    Very surreal
    Just thought someone might like to know

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    Congrats to you, young Jeremy!

    Today third place, tomorrow the Oscars.
    (or whatever it is they have in theater)

    Fortunately you didn't have to type out your monologue, because you won third place, not one third place, and too has two O's.


    PS:, those judges maybe saw something you don't see yet, so go ahead and prepare your next monologue, maybe it will eventually lead to great part that is just for you.

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    Re: OT: Theatre Festival

    Haha Thanks, I guess the new safari spell-check is not foolproof... Or bad speller-proof

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    Re: OT: Theatre Festival

    Congratulations Jeremy - perhaps the relaxed approach made it more natural for the judges.

    Or perhaps there were only three entries hmm?

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