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Topic: new technology, new questions

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    new technology, new questions

    ok, this is not a question directly, more conversation with some questions at the end, related to sample library usage and what i can expect of my hardware.

    so...i got a new daw today, and so far its pretty amazing what it can do.
    It seems to be able to run the entire "old" Vienna pro cube in realtime, in k2 and cubase, with just around 2 gbs of memory, since its all 32 bit apps yet.
    (PLanning on a dual boot with a 64 bit apps when they are all up and working perfectly...)

    So i got a quadcore 2,4 ,4gbs kingston ram and 3 western digital 750gb discs.
    ...and it can "easaly" handle 5 fully loaded k2s with a reserved polyphony of 1200 voices althogehther, and gives me around 20 instruments with 16 articulations each, give or take a few here and there.
    And then i still got 2 GB`S to spend on standalones and things.

    Anyway, so with 4 gbs of ram, i can turn of the pagin file completely, right?
    and how do i do the 3gb switch thingy? I know its been debated 200 times, but still i ask hehe.

    Also, i got a new firewire audio interface, (echo audio Audiofire 8) and was planning on running full 24bit 96KHZ in cubase now, but how does that affect sample libraries and instruments that are only 16 bit and 44.100 (obvioulsy) ?
    Does it all just adjust automaticly, or will things start playing back and wrong speeds? myabe a silly question, but im still stuck in 2002 as far as DAW knowledge goes hehe.

    Also, the real question i wanted to ask, was about adjusting the nearfield monitors here.

    I moved my studio around a bit, and didnt realy like the sound of my monitors in my new location, so i adjusted them with a 2db cut in the low and high end, and a 4db cut in the midrange.

    They now sound much better too me, but isnt that kinda like always mixing and working with an eq insterted?
    is it realy a good idea, or should i try to improve the accoustic space im working in instead? Wich is not realy an option but...

    Actualy, im now hearing more of the room in the VSL dry samples, and some very very faint white noise in the high register of the recordings, like one would, even at the "silent" stage lol.

    So if its all sounding better without any effort, am i fooling myself here?

    phu, all thesee questions, but i just wanted to get some things clear , as i am still setting everything up and installing things etc, and there is ALOT of knowledgeble individuals in here, that is helpfull and more experienced then me.
    So i appriciate any feedback, and also what kind of results people are having with similiar specs and VSl pro cube, or even the VSL instruments or other libs.
    I mean , id LIKE to think i can run most of the stuff in real time now, but it doesnt sound realistic to run a 240GB lib in full real time?
    or is it?

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    Re: new technology, new questions

    One thought I had while reading your post is that maybe your monitors actually sound more acurate in their new location. The VSL sound has an emphasized fundamental with alot of detail in the upper mid-range you wouldn't get by a distance microphone technique. Dietz on the VSL forum has commented that he usually EQs the strings with a narrow cut @ 2.2 and 4.5 and then rolls off the lows.

    Make sure your EQing room deficiencies and not VSL.

    Student in Electro-acoustics

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    Re: new technology, new questions

    yes, i though the same thing, and im adjusting my monitoring to some very well produced albums that i know well.

    its funny...couse now VSl sounds much better, and EWQL sound much worse lol.

    Ill do a few mixes and test them at other locations i think.
    The upper mids of vsl seem more refined now, and not so upfront and direct as they used to, and alot more spacious.

    i used to get a realy messy erea round 200-400 low mids, with alot of boomines going on , but im always sceptical towards cutting dbs here and there though...

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