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Topic: no efects in GVI?

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    no efects in GVI?


    I bought GVI and I use it with Vista 64. One thing makes me wondering: I can't use any effects with an instrument. For example, I load an orgelsound and I like to give some reverb to it. I klick on the FX-button in the upper part of the window. Then I can (theoreticely) choose amongst four effects. I take the reverb (NFX1) and the controllers and sliders are to be seen. The button on is illuminated. But the effect has no effect If I choose an instrument with an embedded gigapulse this works fine. Can I only use instruments or presets there the effect is embedded already?

    thanks Kai

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    Re: no efects in GVI?

    Hi Kai,

    I could be wrong, but I don't think GVI is Vista 64 compatible yet. I believe it's touted as compatible with XP 32 and XP 64, as well as with Vista 32.

    Again, I could be wrong, but if I'm right, it's pretty cool that it's generally working for you in V-64!

    Are you managing to load any extraordinary amount of samples into your RAM?

    Sorry I couldn't be of any real help...


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    Re: no efects in GVI?

    Vista 64bit? Do you own Tascam stock or something?

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    Re: no efects in GVI?


    I use GVI 3.64.3... I have 4GB RAM and a C2Duo 6850, working at 3,25 Ghz. Vista 64 Ultimate, as I said. Everything works very well, it goes very quickly, except the effects. I use the gigs from GS 3 which I have at another bootpartition with XP.

    greetings Kai

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    Re: no efects in GVI?

    no other one who have the same problem? all of you using GVI have the effects working?

    greetings Kai

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