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Topic: Laptop orchestras from around the world

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    Laptop orchestras from around the world

    Laptop orchestras are beginning to get popular. Here are some laptop orchestras from around the world as listed on the Music Blog:

    1) PLOrk: The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (video)
    2) The Tokyo Laptop Orchestra (video)
    3) The London College of Communications Laptop Orchestra
    4) The Seattle Laptop Orchestra
    5) The Toshiba-funded virtual Laptop Orchestra (video)
    6) The Moscow Laptop Orchestra (video)
    7) The Berlin Laptoporchester (video)

    Any others you know of?


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    Re: Laptop orchestras from around the world

    Never heard of this! What a great idea!
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    Re: Laptop orchestras from around the world

    I have a hard time relating what I heard here to what I know is music. I listened to most of the sound and video clips and heard mostly sound experimentation and some visualization as well. I did not hear anything that I would call music. I would call it sound art but not music. There was no compositional technigue, no melodic development. There was some rhythmic cadence but all seemed to be chaotic and non-directional.

    I don't think you can call them laptop orchestras. Laptop sound art is more fitting. If this is the direction music is going, I'll stick with the 3 B's.
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