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Topic: GVI 4, GS4 upgrade?

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    GVI 4, GS4 upgrade?

    I see they are already listed on Sweetwater's site.

    Is there any reason to upgrade if you are still sticking with XP 32 bit?

    Anyone know if GS4 will go with a dongle? I'd prefer that over the current authorization.

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    Re: GVI 4, GS4 upgrade?

    Yes, GS4 has a dongle. Upgrade if you want to load VSTi's, GVI powered libs, use more dimensions in the editor, or access user-friendly DEF/PRF settings.

    The GS4 machine (Vista32, 2 gigs of RAM) at AES showed total memory available for loading samples as about 1.5 gigs under the default memory setting, which is better than most XP 32 machines with a higher preset. Jury's still out, however, on whether there will be any significant memory gains for 32 bit users.


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    Re: GVI 4, GS4 upgrade?

    Quote Originally Posted by belbin
    Yes, GS4 has a dongle.

    This alone is tempting.

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    Re: GVI 4, GS4 upgrade?

    Is it possible now with GS4 Gigaeditor to create new instruments from GVI powered libraries from scratch-> can I access the GVI powered content for further tweaking?
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