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Topic: Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?

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    Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?

    I really need to know if anyone has tried GS4 in XP 32bit mode yet.

    If the 3GB switch works.

    If it addresses more memory than GS3 ?

    I don't need to pay 200 USD for the same old sad story again.

    That would be like having to pay 200 USD for something I already have handled twice, Bidule and Forte can house my VSTi's just fine, and with the 3GB switch to boot.

    I just use GS3 now to edit my GVI stuff, that's it.

    So hence my need to know.

    That little 3GB switch ( which isn't supported, imagine that )has made certain developers nervous. Hopefully it caused some to do their homework and get passing grades.

    I Have High Hopes.

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    Re: Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?

    Hmm, I thought GS4 is not out yet.

    Its not even in store at TASCAM.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?

    GS4 is due out next year. and GVI 4 later this year.

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    Re: Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?


    Just got a call from Sweetwater also.......................................Gee thanks for buying this from us, we will ship it to you Janurary 2008?

    Oh well, I wanted it, and now I got it.

    Tascam could use some cash anyway, they have made this app for every O.S. I could think of except for Linux RH !!

    My Tascam connect told me prior to AES in NYC it would be early 2008, sorry for the excitment. I wasn't aware that I pre paid.

    Those Sneaky Bastards @ Sweetwater at least call you and tell you after you pay for it. ................ ...............

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    Re: Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?


    <whispers> It's being, um... beta-tested, as we type... </whispers>

    <even softer> So is GVI4... <even softer>

    — alanb




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    Re: Anybody Buy GS4 Yet?

    Brotha' Man Alan,

    I am upgrading my DAW's as we speak. GS4 is getting a QX9650 / DP35DP combo, and will have the 3 Scope 15DSP cards, w/ the 2 Lexicon's for reverbs, and ambience. Gigapulse sounds so good as my EReflctr that I have 2 Lexi's now to route through the Scope cards.

    The other Scope box is getting the same mobo w/ an E6850, and 4GB's of RAM. I sure hope XP32 version of GS4 can address this RAM, if not, I suppose Vista 64 will have to do. But that means I will have to buy an RME card for GS4. Scope developers are " working on Vista drivers." Yeah, and I just beat out Hans Zimmer and Media Ventures on a bid for a new Speilberg movie.

    Glad you are involved. Please tell me more about your experience playing Belbins Pedal Steeel at AES though. I am dying to use that in an unconventional way after I learn how to emulate a Sho-Bud C6.

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