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Topic: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

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    Arrow Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

    I have returned. Thanksgiving break has arrived. And intend to listen to everything I've been missing these last few weeks. I'm currently putting a brass quintet together for next semester, called The Maison-tet; a play on my name, Maisonet. I start our ensembles performance with what is, at the moment, a short excerpt of the Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. The ending tuba part, although not written, includes the french horn's line from the beginning by using multiphonics, a technique that can be done on tuba euphonium and trombone. Trumpets tend to struggle with it. I will record that for you in the morning for all to hear. Let me know what you think of my so far arrangement.


    With live tuba: (you'll have to forgive the track delay, I'm still learnin')


    You'll have to forgive me for incorrectly making you believe there was a full ensemble. I just caught my error. Its a brass quintet; not an ensemble, in point of fact.
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    Re: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

    Hi, Tuba - Welcome back, enjoy your vacation - and I think you're off to a really great start with this arrangement. Thanks!

    Randy B.

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    The multiphonics sound great, and beautiful arranging, Tuba.

    Cool technique, I was not familiar with it. I think maybe the trombones are doing that in John Barry's Beyondness of Things, although they are very soft, it is hard to tell.

    Are you given a chart or something, by your director, that shows what notes are possible in multiphonic for each instrument, as a guide for notating them?

    Is it possible to produce the effect in Finale with the GPO instruments?

    Sorry for all the questions, i just think it sounds great and very interesting.

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    Re: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

    Leaf: There wasn't any multiphonics on it until about just now. I had to go back and rerecord it in. You should listen to it again now. It's at the end of the song.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

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    Re: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

    Nice arranging, Ben, along with some fine tuba work! I can picture this being peformed with each quintet member in a different corner of the recital hall (with tuba on stage, of course!).

    As you mentioned, multiphonics seems to be more easily achieved on the larger brass instruments -- due to less back pressure from the instrument, I'm guessing -- but I've also played with some trumpet players who were just amazing at it; so, it CAN be done!

    Enjoy your vacation and keep churning out the wonderful music!


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    Re: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

    Nice doing and I loved those multiphonics!!!!!

    Great arrangement, TubaMaster!!!


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    Re: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"


    I like the delays in the live of you. It gives more of an impression of the whole piece being live.

    Great arrangement of a classic.

    Well done


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    Re: Brass Ensemble "The Maison-tet"

    Loved the second version of this particularly, Ben;
    very nice job in it!

    For those unfamiliar with "multiphonics", here's a
    Wikipedia write-up on it.



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