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Topic: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

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    Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    Hi friends. I believe is the first time i post something here. I take some time to know how to upload to web, copyright your material, etc.
    I have been composing from some years now, little things, more for hobby than other reason. But, from some time ago, i found that i trust too much on my ears, and i was losing the art to write music on paper. And, like i see it, at least for me, writing things on paper has many advantages, specially when you are dealing with lot of voices, and something sounds bad, but you dont know what.
    So i decided to every week write some melody, and try to harmonize it. This is my second attempt, and i would like any criticism, specially in the voices, since my counterpoint knowledge is very basic, and from time ago.
    Well, here it is (you need to click on it to hear, is called "Solo un momento" and is the only one i have there)


    I wrote it in HarmonyAssistant, a notation proggie, and then i tweked and rendered trough GPO KP2 in the sonar little brother, music creator.
    The reverb is the convolution of KP2, and an free impulse from noisevault.com.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    Hi marce,

    I listened to this three times and enjoyed it each time. The counterpoint sounds fine to my ears, good voice-leading throughout.

    The horn is a little hard to pick out (I think I first hear it when the timpani enter) but otherwise, the balance is very good.

    The pairing of wind quintet with timpani is quite unusual! A first, in my experience. I think pizz. bass in lieu of timps might be a bit more complimentary to the wind sonority. What you've sequenced works as well, but it would be nice if something other than the rather harsh GPO timpani were available for this setting.


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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    Hola Marcelo,

    Muy agradable! I enjoyed hearing your quintet.
    The first part especially, with its lovely harmonies, has a fine atmosphere about it and is well balanced.
    The middle part is less balanced and the timpani doesn't sound as if it belongs there. Perhaps strings would be better for adding more balance, flexibility and depth.
    I would like to hear more of your music!


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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    Thanks Darwin and Yudit for your opinions, i apreciate them very much, specially because my experience with real orchestra instruments is near to nothing. I will try some strings on that instead of the timpani and compare what results i get.

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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    This is certainly the first time I heard this combination with Timps. I was a little sceptical before I started to listen, but I was pleasantly surprised. It sounds great together. It makes it sound rather majestic. Your music is beautiful. A little sad but majestic at the same time. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani


    Very nice work, the composition is smooth and flowing. And the choice of instruments works very well with it. The timpani is a nice surprise in how well it fits with the wind instruments. Thanks for sharing it here.



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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    Thanks your comments Louis and Gary.
    The nice thing to upload things and share here is to have a selected audience.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    I thought it was real pretty and the timps worked for me on a second listen.

    But I think I'm hearing the horn doing some things that may not be what it's cut out for. It sounds like the horn is playing the bottom note on the clarinet arpeggio at around 1:35. I think it would be better to not use it there but say where the flute comes in, then use the horn in harmony or more as a second distant melody.

    It's really up to you though. I'm no expert but I did play the horn in a wwq many years ago



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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    Very lovely writing for the winds, Marcelo! And
    if timpani with winds is not so common, it nonetheless
    works very effectively -- subtle, not overboard, it
    nicely "bottoms" and complements the music.

    Most enjoyable piece.

    My best,


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    Re: Solo un momento: Woodwind Quintet + Timpani

    I really enjoyed this, very lovely. Although the harmonies are for the most part simple, I really like the choices you made – it gives this a very distinct character. I guess that means I think your little exercise are very successful so far.
    Trent P. McDonald

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