Dear All,
I’m considering purchasing the Novation Remote Zero SL. I don’t need a keyboard, just a controller. I’m very interested in the SL’s apparent ability to map plugins automatically, so-called Auto mapping Technology.
As a blind person, this would be extremely useful to me and many others.
Have any of you used the Remote SL, particularly to control your various plugins? I’d be very interested to hear how you’re doing. Further, how many of you use the Novation with or without ACT. What is the relationship between ACT and the Remote SL series?
I have a Pevey PC1600X which I use through ACT sometimes. I also have a TranzPort which has nothing to do with ACT. So, I’m interested to know whether I have to use the SL through ACT or not.
Thanks for any info you can provide.

PS. I'm particularluy interested in anyone who has used the SL with Vienna Instruments, Stylus RMX, Ivory, Dimenson Pro or Atmosphre.