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Topic: Sax Doubles KS

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    Sax Doubles KS

    Has anyone tried to use these instruments in Finale 2008?

    You can load e.g. Alto Sax 1-3 KS, Tenor Sax 1-4 KS, Bari Sax 1-2 KS and they double as Flute/Clarinet or Soprano Sax.
    You change the sound using keyswitches: D-2=Flute, E-2 =Clarinet and F-2= soprano Sax.

    I've tried this using an expression text e.g. ''To Flute'' and as Playback Midi Dump inserting the Data as
    suggested in the Finale reference for changing the sound of a Garritan Instrument: Playback Data Dump
    Number of Units=3, Data=90, Keyswitch=D-2, and Velocity for the keyswitch =127.

    This does not however work either with HP on or off or having incorporate Continuous Data on or off in HP.
    In HP there are no keyswitches included for these Saxophones like there are for the Brass e.g. Harmon Mute, Cup mute etc. (Which work perfecly!)

    Maybe I'm missing something here as how to activate these keyswitches.
    Has anybody any ideas as to how I can resolve this?


    Stan McKee

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    Re: Sax Doubles KS

    To whom it may concern!!!!!!!

    I've just discovered that these instruments, when used in Finale 2008
    only double when you use them in a file with the click.
    This appears to be a bug!!!

    Creating an text expression (to change to say flue/Clarinet or sopran sax) and using midi dump only works when you have initiated the click.

    Stan McKee

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