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Topic: Post Thanksgiving Day Chat

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    Post Thanksgiving Day Chat

    Now that many of your have had your fill of turkey and gave lots of thanks let's get together for our regularly scheduled chat this Black Friday (the busiest shopping day in the US).

    To participate go to http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/chat.php?

    Or go to the GPO forum and click on the chat menu in the menu on top.

    when you're in, go to the Garritan room lower right.

    If you are not out shopping I'll see you in chat


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    Re: Post Thanksgiving Day Chat

    As your supplies of left-over turkey finally start running low, you might as well join us for the sunday chat!
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    Re: Post Thanksgiving Day Chat

    What. No chicken?

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    Re: Post Thanksgiving Day Chat

    I'll probably be fashionably late today... (if I can make it at all)
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