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Topic: Stupid hiss....

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    Exclamation Stupid hiss....


    I'm trying improve the sound of my oboe concerto. The problem is that when I'm trying to crank up the volume of the oboe (around 160hz I think), I also get a stupid hiss sound, perhaps from the harpsichord or the oboe it self. This sound is most noticable on the high notes and it's driving me crazy What should I do?

    I know really nothing about equalization so any words of wizdom are appreciated
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    160Hz sounds a little low for the Oboe. It's bottom note is normally the Bb just below middle C, which would be around 235Hz. I'm afraid I don't know much about EQing either though. Is the hiss a sharply defined whistle or more like broadband noise?

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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    Hi, Felixissimo

    In my experience, it was when I was still using a computer's factory-shipped sound card that I had any problems with extraneous noise. You may have reached the limitation of the card you use.

    Something I didn't quite understand:

    "... I also get a stupid hiss sound, perhaps from the harpsichord or the oboe it self..."

    Why would the hiss be from the Harpsichord when you're boosting the Oboe's volume? - Perhaps you have them both coming through the same audio channel in KP2?

    If so - you need to re-configure your KP2 by adding channels, then directing each one to a different plugin out - this is saved as KP2's new default configuration. The result is that you can have each instrument completely independent on its own channel, which is really the only way you want to work. Once you've reached the limit of 12 instruments, you bring in a second KP2 to start adding more instruments.

    EQ can get esoteric, but when it's a high hiss, it's easy enough to have one band set at the highest frequency, boosted extremely for testing purposes, and then to slowly sweep the frequency lower until you find the area where the hiss resides--That would be what you want to decrease on that channel.

    But EQ in a situation you're describing would be a last resort. It sounds like a sound card issue, exaggerated by the way you have instruments sharing audio channels.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    I see...

    But how does one do to re-configurate ones KP2?
    When I watching the outputs channels in KP2 the one named "st.1" seems to be the only "active". But There's a "st.2", "surr.5.1" and "aux" 1-4 aswell.
    So when I'm, lets say, adding a filter of some kind to the "active" channel it affects all instruments, but when I'm doing the same to the others nothing is happening. Is this because all the instruments are loaded into the first "1-16 channels" seen at the top, or what?

    I'm feeling quite stupid asking this stuff, so please be gentle
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    Hello again, Felix

    You're not being "stupid" at all - it's very confusing stuff. What could perhaps be fairly characterized as "stupid" is the programming design Native Instruments has used for the KP2 mixer. Why it should default to this virtually useless and overly limiting configuration is beyond me.

    I had to search for info on the Forums and the PDF manual when I first got KP2 and could see the mixer had to be changed. It turned out to be not overly difficult to create a new default layout, but I arrived at it only after some trial and error.

    Here's a recent thread on the subject from the Technical Forum:


    It's a convoluted thread, as these things tend to be, but you could very well get a handle on things from wading through it.

    Best of luck - You simply Must get your KP2 mixer set up so you don't have situations like you described, with instruments sharing audio channels.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    Thanks again mr. Bowser for lookin up for a newbie in world of music.
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    It's a pleasure, Felix, trying to help folks out. I do what I can. The help I got online when I was new to computers was invaluable, now it's time to pass-it-on. And I still come up against things that I have to seek help for. We're all perpetually in the classroom!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Stupid hiss....

    Well, I strongly agree with Randy about built in sound cards. I have yet to hear of one that works well. I replaced mine almost immediately with and old Soundblaster, which was a big improvement, and kept me going until I got a better card for the (then) new computer.


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