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Topic: Giga Crashing - Need Advice

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    Giga Crashing - Need Advice

    Upon installation with a clean Xp Installation, Gigastudio
    asks for immediate registaration and bypasses the usual 10 day grace period.
    I tried to do this on 2 different PC's and the same happened. Upon trying to open the Gigastudio, the entire computer crashes. No problems installing any other applications. This is weird. Anyone have an idea?

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    Re: Giga Crashing - Need Advice

    Sure, for starters post your specs.

    Or have it built by a certified builder. That way if it doesn't work properly, you can dog 'em.

    I have had all of my DAW's done by Pro's, so they arrive ready to go w/ no problems what so ever.

    Since I make a living performing and recording I never try to save a buck by doing the builds. There are mechanics for cars, and builders for DAW's, that's my preffered method.

    It's hard to ask how to fix your car on a forum w/o telling us which make and model.

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    Re: Giga Crashing - Need Advice

    Your right. My problem was I was not formatting my D drive and installing
    Giga partly on my D drive. I was really putting 2 coppies of Giga on my computer and this caused complete craziness. Its now working amazingly well.

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