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Topic: Ranges in general

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    Ranges in general

    Some ranges are set to the "ordinary" range. In my Orchestration books some of the ranges go a bit higher/lower than possible with GPO, with the remark that only very skilled people can play them and that they aren't used too often in an orchestral piece. Nevertheless, some ranges need adjustment and that isn't possible in GPO with KP1. Am I right about this?


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    Re: Ranges in general

    I've extended the range of some instruments in the full Kontakt so it is possible.


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    Re: Ranges in general

    Raymond - Yes, you are right. GPO doesn't ship samples it doesn't use, so the best you can do is 'stretch' the highest or lowest notes (in K2 or with the pitchbend wheel).

    If you are expecting (or hoping) to have your piece performed by average musicians, it's a good idea to keep the ranges fairly conservative. If you are writing for very talented soloists (or just for GPO), you can use the extended ranges.
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