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Topic: Losing Wisdom final arrangement

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    Losing Wisdom final arrangement

    Ok I've been sat working on this piece now for a week or so and have finally come up with this final arrangement.


    Thank you to everyone for your comments on the original post, you've all helped in the moulding of this piece.


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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement

    Dave, It's absolutely beautiful, i love it!

    The first time i listened there was something that caught my ear. The fifth note of the strings, at the very beginning, (not a fifth, but note number five chronologically of strings) sounded like it dragged or was a little out of tune or something. I can't put my finger on it, and subsequent listening it doesn't sound as bad as i thought, but still seems like there is a little something there not right.

    It could be just me though, and all the rest of it sounded absolutely great.


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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement

    Dave, this is truly lovely and from the heart. Gorgeous cello!

    My only suggestion would be a few more (even very small) breathing spaces in the cello part--not quite so continuous. I believe its exquisite beauty would be highlighted even more then. (Noticed you did do that about 2/3 of the way through.)

    The cello is one of my favorite instruments and your playing gives the feeling you are at one with it. I look forward to hearing this again and also more of your work.


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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement

    Hi, Dave

    I really enjoyed your previous version of this, and I can hear that you've spent your time well in refining it. It can be so rewarding to really delve in and do some careful editing. What is potentially tedious can really become a agreat Flow experience--I think you must have gone to that magical place as you worked more on this.

    It seems that there is a tuning issue here though? - As if the Cello isn't quite in tune with the Piano - Did you use Variation One? If so, that controller has to be used sparingly and not at a set-and-forget level.

    What happened at the end? Your MP3 suddenly cuts out--!

    Maybe my ears are off this morning - I'll come back to listen again - I'm not totally trusting the tuning problem I think I heard this morning.

    It's a lovely piece, Dave, and it sounds like you've done editing to make the repeating Piano pattern less obvious than in the first version.

    Thanks for this.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement

    Hi all

    I do agree there is a tuning problem with the piece and I've tried to correct it but can't honestly seem to get it right. I think I may have found a ceelist torecord the piece so hopefully will be able to correct it there and add a little more life to the piece.

    Yes it has been a lot of effort to make this piece a little more interesting but I hope that I've found a balance to this piece.



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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement


    You have taken a recurring piano riff and made it very interesting with the addition of the cello. The whole piece flows very well now.

    Well done


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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement



    This is my first time listening to the peice. The overall sound is very nice. And I agree with Saraswati, gorgeous cello.


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    Re: Losing Wisdom final arrangement

    I can hear you've put quite a lot of work
    into improving this since the earlier version,
    Dave; coming along very well.

    Perhaps a little space to rest the sound of
    the 'cello and provide more contrast...

    My best,


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