We are noticing alot of people jumping in and buying GS3 everywhere.

At my synth forum many members who have heard of the rock solid GSIF drivers for Scope are buying into it.

It doesn't load nearly as much content as GVI can do, but the upgrade path to GS4 is fairly priced.

I suggest buying the Learning DVD's which are great tools BTW featuring D.Govett, and Larry Seyer.

I have had Giga since Nemesys days, and Tascam dropped the ball between 2.54 and 3.2. But their alpha that was shown at the NYC AES show will be a re taking of the crown I believe.

They have promised not to serve their wine before it's time w/ GS4.

Great, now that I've got Halion, Kontackt, STS, and EXS series of samplers, I realise all of these developers release buggy apps and fix later.

Hopefully Tascam will releases a bug free app and start a trend amongst these developers. We are almost to the point of gladly accepting buggy apps., w/ promises of fixes. Cubase 4 must hold the record there still.

Would you ever buy a rack mounted sampler that wouldn't boot or had features disabled that would be fixed later? Hardly. This is why I still incorporate hardware and DSP cards in my rigs.

Thankfully Giga has always played nice with Scope cards, and is a rock solid performer. The other apps work well under a decent VST shell like Bidule, and Forte.

Let's hope GS4 regains the crown. It has every O.S. covered in 32bit, and 64bit and w/ XP SP3 as well.