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Topic: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

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    Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Today is PapaChalk's Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    Papachalk, along with Desound, started the Northern Sounds community nearly ten years ago. Since then it has grown to be the best, utmost professional, most popular, best run, and most relevant sample forum on the net. We're proud to be a part of the Northern Sounds community.

    The forum keeps rapidly growing in membership. The success of the site shows how well this forum is run. Besides being a fantastic admin, Papachalk is one of the nicest people I have the pleasure to know.

    Wishing Papachalk a wonderful birthday and many more successes and good years to come!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Many happies, Papachalk... and, too, we thank you!

    My best,


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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Happy birthday Papachalk, you're doing a great job!

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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Yes, Happy Birthday Papachalk!

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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Definitely one of the best forums on the net period!

    Happy birthday Papachalk.

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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Hope you had a great birthday, thanks for maintaining the best forum on the Web!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    A great place this is.
    Thank you!

    Happy Birthday

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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Happy Birthday PapaChalk!

    Hope you have your best year ever, and are blessed with great health and prosperity!


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    Re: Happy Birthday PapaChalk!


    Many thanks for all you have done to make the
    Garritan Forum what it is today. Really, a big,
    important, essential, functioning contribution.

    Thank you again, Papachalk.

    Jack Cannon--MacBook Pro (2015, 13") GPO4/5, JABB3, Auth. STEINWAY, YAMAHA CFX, Gofriller CELLO, Stradivari VIOLIN, COMB2, WORLD, HARPS, PIPE ORGANS, FINALE 25.5, DORICO 1.2.10, Mac Pro 2.66 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, DP 9.51, MOTU Traveler, MOTU Micro Express, MacBook Pro (2012, 13") 2.2 Ghz CPU, 8 GB RAM.

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