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Topic: I Blame GPO

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    I Blame GPO

    On February 2, 2007, my Bagatelle for Flute and Piano debuted at the St. Petersburg College, performed by Christiane Vinet Fraser and Dr. Cory Hall.

    Click on the picture above to hear the performance.

    I wrote the Bagatelle a year ago utilizing GPO and Finale. The MP3 file that I created was “as is” with no manipulation. Last Spring, after hearing the piece online (at Myspace), Christiane loved it and wanted to know if the piece was recorded live - I blame GPO for that! She also said she would gladly perform the piece sometime in the future. It was decided that her faculty recital would be the perfect venue for the piece. So, my little Bagatelle was nestled amongst Godard, Bach, Ibert, Hummel, Messianen, and Bolling. What an honor!

    Click on the picture above to hear the original recording using GPO.

    I have to thank Gary, for without his products my music would never have been realized – really. The ease of use with GPO and his other libraries have given me time to spend on writing rather than tweeking and manipulating sounds (so that I might hear my compositions). Also, all of the input by users here on NS has been invaluable.

    You can also view the performance on YouTube - sorry for the bad angle in advance!

    We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

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    Thumbs up Re: I Blame GPO

    Congrats with this nice performance of your nice piece. It was both both beautiful and witty.

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    Re: I Blame GPO

    A great achievement and a great piece!!! Congratulations.


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    Re: I Blame GPO


    If I were a flutist I also would have loved to perform this beautiful composition!


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    Re: I Blame GPO

    Congratulations on the splendid performance. It's a delightful piece of music. I enjoyed all three your links. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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    Re: I Blame GPO

    Congratulations! The GPO rendering is very nice, but having humans perform it is the icing on the cake. Something to aspire to for me!
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    Re: I Blame GPO

    What a marvelous post, William - Rich! Such a nice composition, and the wonderful story of having it performed, the opportunity for us to hear that performance alongside the GPO original recording - This is all--Great!


    Randy B.

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    Re: I Blame GPO


    A really lovely piece. Like the change of tempi and
    balance between the instruments. Also the variable
    accompaniment is very effective.

    Congratulations to you on this fine performance.

    A great piece, William

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    Re: I Blame GPO

    What a lovely story!!

    Congratulations, William - I enjoyed you piece A LOT!!


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    Re: I Blame GPO

    Congratulations on the great performance of your piece. I really enjoyed it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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