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Topic: Some abbrev's in KP2 - JABB

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    Some abbrev's in KP2 - JABB

    Playing around and reading the manual I didn't find these:

    what does Filtlu and Filtfq mean? which CC#'s are involved in these? Visible on the KP2 player Tenor Sax as knobs.

    Raymond - the more knobs the better?!?!?!

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    Re: Some abbrev's in KP2 - JABB

    Hi Raymond,

    The "Filtlu" is really Filtlv = Filter level - the small font on the screen does not make a good distinction between the u and the v. This is the amount (level or lv) of midrange EQ adjustment. Filtfq is Filter frequency and is the midpoint of the midrange band EQ adjustment. In the manual this gets called Tone Quality Control. CC27 is Filtfq and CC26 is Filtlv. Please see page 41 of the manual for slightly more info.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Some abbrev's in KP2 - JABB

    Thanks, there should have been one of those little explanatory footnote-windows, you know those help-yellow-boxes, underneath them when hoovering with the mouse.


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