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Topic: how to get the most out of k2?

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    how to get the most out of k2?

    Hi, im working with large scale ochestrations in k2, and since i just got a new computer, im able to run it all in real time now, but it seems there are limitiations in k2 itself.

    is there any way to utilize all the 4 ports in k2 using cubase sx 3, or are there any other sequencer that can do this?

    But if i run some k2s as standalone, with a virtual midi cable, is there any equivalent for audio on a pc?
    that can connect the virtual outs to virtual ins?
    And if yes, how does that affect my audio interface asio drivers, wich is Echo audiofire 8 over firewire.

    Anybody got any ideas about this?

    The way i work, is that i use around 16 midi channels pr. intrument group, so being able to use 64 channels pr instance in k2, rather than 16, would allow me to be 4 times as efficient in terms of k2 instances needed.


    PS, also someone asked here once, what that "unable to lock sample memory" message meant, when you run severeal k2s at once on the same machine.

    I believe, that is the preallocated memory channel buffers, set in the expert dfd diolag, wiwh is the maximum nunber of voices k2 can play, and it reserves this memory when you open it, to ensure k2 has enough ram for its allocated voices. S

    so provided you have alot of ram, it has no real significance, ...only when your resources are limited and it cannot reserve the x amount of ram for each k2 will it make an impact on performance.

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    Re: how to get the most out of k2?

    I've been wondering about this also. I would like to run K2 or K3 as standalone, but record the output into DP digitally. If there is a way, I haven't figured it out.

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    Re: how to get the most out of k2?

    well, midi is not an issue since there are plenty of virtual midi appz around, but what about audio?
    I am not aware of any application that can route audio through virtual outputs back into a Sequencer on a pc. Xept rewire, wich offcourse kontakt doesnt support.

    And how would something like cubase deal with that, since you have to set a master asio driver in the preferences, i dont think it can mix 2 soundcard applications , even if one is virtual and one is "real" ?

    So maybe its not realy possible on a pc now, wich sux, and why is it not possible to acsess all 4 ports in a sequencer?
    How difficult could that possibly be, i mean even my old AKAI hardware had more than 1 midi port pr. machine...


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    Re: how to get the most out of k2?

    Here is an old thread regarding operation of K2 in standalone:



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    Re: how to get the most out of k2?

    thanx, although i already read it, and become no wiser.
    there were a few refferences to some mac apps, but as far as i can tell there are no similar tools to apply on a pc?

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