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Topic: Finale 2008 Setup Wizard & Garritan Libraries

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    Finale 2008 Setup Wizard & Garritan Libraries

    Hello Finale / Garritan Users,

    I have a quick question that maybe someone can help shed some light on...

    I have been trying to set up a txt file to allow the use of the Finale Wizard for some other KP2 based libraries. I have followed the same format as the Garritan txt files and even set up the Finale Instrument.txt file but have problems with non-pitched percussion instruments.

    I have found that non-pitched percussion instruments will only load into slot 10 of KP2 (multiple instances) and no other slots.

    If anyone has CoMB, JABB or GPO - would you mind helping me with a quick experiment?

    Using the wizard in Finale 2008, select 3 or 4 non pitched percussion instruments (from either GPO, JABB, CoMB or a combination of the 3) and let me know how the sounds load into KP2.

    For tracking purposes, I would like each patch to load into KP2 in the same order as the staves in Finale. Does everyone else have the same Finale limitation?

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    Re: Finale 2008 Setup Wizard & Garritan Libraries

    I am currently working on a piece that uses Percussion Toys and Basic Orchestral percussion - in Finale 2007. Neither of them is loaded into slot 10. and they are working fine.

    David Mauney

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    Re: Finale 2008 Setup Wizard & Garritan Libraries

    You say you are using the Wizard to load the libraries?
    Could this be because the Wizard is generally set up to load VSTs yet still make them compatible with the SoftSynth/General Midi?

    I've noticed that when I load using the Wizard, all the instruments load sequentially, howeveer, any percussion instruments or percussion sets go into channels 10, 26, 42, etc...always the "channel 10" of whichever is the next Kontakt Player.

    If I load one flute and 6 different percussion, it will use up 6 players, placing the single flute on channel 1, and the 6 percussions in the channel 10 slots of each subsequant player.

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