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Topic: GS3 on 2nd computer - advice needed please

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    Question GS3 on 2nd computer - advice needed please

    I've bought a powerful new PC (quad core, 4gb etc, arriving in a week or so) to run GS3. I plan to use it as a dedicated Giga PC with my DAW (Cubase) controlling it from my older P4 computer. I have never done anything like this before - I used to just run GS3 and the sequencer on the same PC, and it worked!!

    Now I need to know the best way to run the GS3 PC from my old PC. I have heard about midi over lan and Giga Teleport, but do I really need them? Could I just plug the midi out from the DAW PC into the midi in on the GS3 PC? Both computers are running the M Audio 24/96 card.

    If I really do need a LAN connection, which software should I go for bearing in mind my heavy use of VSL's Performance Tool?

    BTW, my old P4 machine doesn't have a ethernet port! So I'd have to buy a card for it (a sub 1 gigabit card because I've been told by the PC's maker that my old P4 couldn't handle a 1 gigabit card!).

    Advice, help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: GS3 on 2nd computer - advice needed please

    - Any P4 should be able to handle a gigabit card. I've seen Gigabit cards in P3s even before.
    - While you can route the audio as you say, there is only the one SPDIF in and out on those cards, forcing you to route all your GS tracks to a single audio out. With Giga Teleport used over gigabit ethernet you can have multiple audio channels running over that same Gigabit Ethernet connection without needing to upgrade your cards or buy additional cables, and also have the ability to do things like audio mixdowns from your DAW as it just sees Giga Teleport as another VST.

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    Re: GS3 on 2nd computer - advice needed please

    All with an acceptable latency as well.

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