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Topic: Not entirely new - but that wonderful KOTO

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    Not entirely new - but that wonderful KOTO

    At the moment I am listening to Japanese KOTO music. I am moved by it, it is so wonderful. For the japanese guys among us, this is the contents of the CD:

    Yatsuhashi Kengyo (17th century) - Rokudan
    Mitsuzaki Kengyo (around 1853) - Godan Kinuta
    Katsutoshi Nagasawa - Harusandai
    Shinichi Yuize (1951) - Shisencho Buyoku
    Kimio Eto - Harungo Sugata
    Tadao Sawai(1972) - Taka
    Hideaki Kuribayashi(----) - Shouhin 1
    Tadao Sawai(1960) - Raden

    Which do I like the most? No answer. Every piece has its particular mood, rhythm, tonal characteristics.

    Next Garritan library? Ethnic instruments? That famous GEI (Garritan Ethnic Instruments).

    [also have Dock Boggs....... another story ]

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    Re: Not entirely new - but that wonderful KOTO

    I haven't heard that, but will maybe go the record shop that has that thing to let you listen before you buy. It kinda sux though because they usually never work when the cd is from another country.

    On the radio one day they played some music that was a blend of Japanese music and Western Orchestral music, by some orchestra in Japan, and it was great. It was aggravating to have forgot the name of them.

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