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Topic: Favorite Convolution

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    Favorite Convolution

    I'm just curious what some of everyone's favorite convolution verbs are. Specifically on the mac side. I have a friend who really likes TL Space. We have the IR1 - but I'm not too certain it's the convolution bomb. Any other user inputs?

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    Re: Favorite Convolution

    My favorite convolution can be found in any edition of the Kamasutra....

    On a serious note: I'm no MAC user but use Pristine Space and WizooVerb W2/W5 all the time. Combined with the Samplicity reverbs by Peter Roos they form a formidable team!

    I also heard good things about Altiverb but that's out of my league for now....

    All of them should also be available for Mac.
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    Re: Favorite Convolution

    Altiverb because they have the best IRs.
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